almost 2 weeks

well, almost 2 weeks since i have done better with my eating. have i noticed anything?

well, i do not see as *bloated* and i do feel better in regards to me not eating junk food. i feel like i have more energy (the protein i guess which is fuel)

so am i better today then i was 2 weeks ago
hell yeah


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One Response to almost 2 weeks

  1. dcarmack says:

    Don’t eat low-fat anything, ever. There are three ‘types’ of energy in foods. Carbohydrate (starch and sugar), protein, and fats. Fats are everything from butter to corn oil. Fats are not just what you fry with, they are also found in vegetables. Natural fats are all good for you. Man made fats are all bad for you. That is the rough break down. If you are cutting back on carbs, then you should be ramping up the fats so that you don’t get hungry. Good luck.

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