am hungry dammit

i am hungry
i want some bbq chips
i want a double quarter pounder w/cheese
i want a cheese pizza

BUT had some refried beans and shredded cheddar cheese

good for me


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8 Responses to am hungry dammit

  1. Well… now you’ve made me hungry too!

  2. Courtney says:

    I’m struggling today with cravings, too 😦

    • cravings to me is head hunger and NOT enough protein. so i went after it..and started drinking more yesterday. it is hard when i see hub grab chips BUT
      i have to try and remember…what is important is me and not that chips. those chips have no power over me. we got this. one meal at a time is all i focus on.

  3. That’s when it helps to have good foods prepped. An array of veggies and fruits handy at all times. I am struggling too- I am serving my husband and boys mastacholli (sp?) with meatballs for lunch and eating a scrambled egg for myself. It’s hard, so very hard- but worth it in the end. Like my dad told me after I had the lapband surgery, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”. I’ll never forget him saying that to me.

    • yes, i have snacks/ready to grab go. in my fridge, fruit, veggies, boiled eggs, protein bars, i mean….food is great. def not the enemy. but some foods are better for us than others. i use a small (salad/bread?? plate) so my food looks like a lot when its not..i will never be skinny but i will be healthy. just like you. Healthy. 1 meatball would not hurt you. remember, no dieting/no depriving. you got this. PROMISE. your too pretty and smart

  4. I’m having food issues again too. It’s on and off. Fell back into the sugar and starch pit.

    • yes, i can so relate. we just need to go one day OR as i do, one meal at a time. so we fall off or step off the path. SO what..let us just focus on the hear and now.
      i like bbq/cheese and cracker…stuff that does NOTHING for me.. i miss it but it is what it is. either i can remain obese or get healthier. YOU got this..

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