6 days and want power

yes it has been 6 days since i had my fill with my dr. i (think) there is a difference but i am also being very careful with my eating and the amount DUE to my situation i described before. I went for many months SCARED shitless that i hurt my lap band due to over eating and i will not do that ever again. I felt like i got a reprieve of sorts and now 6 days later after the (wake up call) i WANT it again

i use to say there is no such thing as will power
i still believe that
i do 100000% believe in want power.

YOU must WANT it enough to do something about it…and now i do..

been a very very long time since i have felt like i do now
i am grateful to my friends on here and the close knit bunch that have helped
and encouraged me to not give up even though i was sinking like a rock to the bottom. and to hub of mine for loving/caring about me no matter what i weigh..although he must be blind but i am happy he does as i think he is kinda HOTT

and before you start, i tan at the tanning salon in off weather. YES i am aware of the risks/dangers so yeah i know but i am going to anyhow..

..i havent went in a long time due to i was ashamed and really didnt wanna and so Monday I said, banded carolina girl, get your shit together and do your thing…

i am feeling different

i am in a different mindset now and i feel like i have gotten over a hump if you will.

so today, i am good
i foresee tomorrow as better……

About North Carolina Keto Girl

NC girl getting healthy using Keto. Come visit me and say hello.
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