Liquids for Lunch

got to love liquids for lunch…and also it is true, liquids in means liquids OUT 🙂

so been about 24 hours since my fill…site of injection is a wee sore and no bruising or anything…i dont know if i can fill the (fill) yet but i am also on TOM so i am in all sorts of weirdo with my stomach at present…dr said i can go soft tomorrow and then proceed as normal on sunday..(remember basics anyone who reads this)

my friend eye candy is holding my hand on the fill i was always scared to get a fill…i read online the horror stories of sliming/getting stuck, vomiting foam ????? and i was like, i dont want no part of that…BUT now i am ready to help  my band again and also let my band HELP me..

in a bit i have my protein drink to aid my protein count. protein is vital. i havent done as well as that in the past but things have changed.

my plicaiton  def helps me eat def lets me know when enough is enough and i am sure the band and its getting more fill will also help me. but it is in vain if i dont eat better.

eat to lose weight

eat clean, eat fresh and eat to live…


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NC girl getting healthy using Keto. Come visit me and say hello.
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