Dr appt and a lap band fill

well, i faced the demon, the metal monster and knew it was up. trust me, clothes don’t lie but i went to the dr to have a fluro xray to see if my band had slipped or dilated or if i stretched/puffed out the pouch above the band..

…scales do aka time of month, drink a lot of liquid, scale up and pee it out, scale down…i am a retired scale person. i would weigh after sex, drinking, eating, pooping, take off clothes, etc…been there done that…my ole man won’t allow me a scale. if i had a bad day, id say fuck it and eat everything as i gained anyhow, may as well gain big time..and if i lost, then i had a good day. i judge by my clothes..its truthful.

my lap band is 100% fine…..let me tell you that i had tears of relief rolling down my face. i was and have been very very concerned for many months and yet too ashamed to go to the dr and see about it. why? because i  gained weight…the horror. someone shoot me with a fat dart and why am i even allowed to breath the same air as anyone else..us fatties..

we had a nice long chat..i opened up about last year and all the things that happened BUT stressed that i CHOSE TO OVEREAT AND NOT EXERCISE AND EAT THE FRIED AND FAST FOODS SNACKS..IT WAS ME THAT DID THAT...i accept total control of that..the band did its thing by not letting me eat as much (as i wanted to) as it gets uncomfy if i eat more than i should.

so after some more tears (both relief from the fluro xray being excellent and i am so very grateful and thankful for that…..and also from being so mad at myself…dr said i am human. i am not a failure. i merely just went the wrong way for a while. ..and it is true.

so with that being said, dr said lets give you a fill of 1 cc (which brings me up to 3 now) and give you some extra power….i said ok…i again asked him to remind me what to watch for it i am too tight as you all know i am scared to be able not to swallow etc. esp in regards to fills…if i cant drink, go to dr, otherwise, let the tightness (the band and fill) work..

i have never slimed nor vomited since surgery…so here come the basics

eat slow and take wee bites (stop eating at 15/20 min tops)…and 1 cup of food is good and to drink a lot and often..(to pee is a good thing…stay hydrated)..of course no food is bad or off limits..you can eat whatever just watch portions and make better choices 98% of the time. do not deprive as we all know what that means because most of us have binged after starving ourselves 🙂

so here is the table/recliner i laid on to get my fill and her are the instruments that were used. and yes, the needle is about 8 inches long…only a wee pinch..felt funny to feel it moving inside my stomach as he searched for the port.


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9 Responses to Dr appt and a lap band fill

  1. stephieann8 says:

    My mom, dad, sister, and one of my uncles had the gastro-bypass. I went for a information session about it and scared myself right out the room. You are brave!

    • well i had the lap band with plicatio and not the bypass…sometimes i do wish i had that surgery..its not easy…its not quick..but it will work if i use it right…i did before and i will again ………thank you for the support GF

  2. I’m glad it turned out ok. I hope this was the “scared straight” moment you needed to re-evaluate your lifestyle and you make some adjustments. I know you can do this. And like the Dr. said, you’re only human, as are we all.

  3. erika39 says:

    I’m so glad your lap band is ok!!!!

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