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thursday…i am going to my lap band dr and get a fluro xray on my band
i have been very very concerned that i damaged it by over eating and yes for about a year, i have (ashamed but it is what it is), over ate and tossed healthy out the window

so, i called the dr (thanks to eye candy and ms michelle) and although i did not want to……made an appt

i told them i gained weight back
i was ashamed
i am embarrassed
i am feeling like a failure
i am scared my band is hurt
i feel like my hub is mad at me
i didnt want to go

BUT, dr said…..come in
lets take an xray……lets ease your mind from worry AND move forward

i cant change what i didnt do……but i can change what i do


13 thoughts on “xray

  1. First, your computer doesn’t know it’s March 1st. The date at the top is wrong.
    OK, thank you for calling and going to the doctor. I go the 11th for my 6 month checkup. We can do this, again!!! as I ate wrong, very wrong today after I lectured you, sorry. See I fail too and I am not perfect. No one is 100%.
    Love you. Enjoy your evening.

    • hey lindsay, it was a very hard call and many months of putting it off…but i cant change the past but i can change my future..one day at a time and def one meal at a time..thanks for taking a moment to writ to me. it means a lot

    • thank you for the kind words..my dr is terrific. i knew he was disappointed but not as much as i was/am BUT i cant change what i did but i can change what i do now….staying strong is hard as life is stressful esp w work and sometimes not giving up, is hard..but i will try my best…again

      • We are conditioned into thinking thin is perfect… yet there are many not so thin people out there who look fabulous. Sometimes it just needs finding confidence within ourselves… whatever size we are.

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