be prepared..

when i am on point and doing good (to me this means eating better and living life), i am happy to say that being prepared is key to any type of success.

if you were to leave on a long road trip, you would make sure you had gas in the car, tires in good shape, wiper fluid etc…see what i am saying or getting to??

so in my purse (in the car, at work) i have snacks..protein bars, little trail mixes…something to grab/go when i need to. AND if you stop now a days at a convenience store, they have yoghurts/sometime fresh fruit or each cheese rolls (prepacked) and things like that…so there is really NO choice not to decide to eat better.

the hardest thing is to just do it and and do it daily for best results.

have your snacks
have your (water or whatever)
prepare your meals for lunch/dinner etc (picture little plastic containers)

YOU can do this dangit


About Banded Carolina Girl

NC girl getting healthy. Come visit me and say hello.
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