All about the lettuce

Fill the sink with cold water and let the lettuce soak for 5 minutes. Drain the water and leave the lettuce in the sink. Rinse the lettuce with clean, cold, running water. Separate the leaves of loose leaf or romaine type lettuce so each can be examined and rinsed.

*Def rinse anything from a bag (fresh and frozen)*


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4 Responses to All about the lettuce

  1. Thanks for the lettuce info. I never would have thought to look that info up. Looks like romaine and butterhead are the way to go. When I start eating solid food again, that is.

  2. New Journey says:

    I have doing romaine for years…I just started adding baby kale leave….love it… have you tried to sear your romaine?? clean, cut in half leave bottom on so it stays together, if you have a BBQ thats the best…I use a Teflon pan….pam spray or olive oil….lay flat side down, sear for a couple minutes….really yummy…I use balsamic vinegar on it, it takes it to the next lever…I also use different lettuces in soups…instead of kale or chard, use a good dark lettuce…yummmm kat

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