Take a moment and be grateful

Some days I wake up and the negative starts even before I am fully awake..But never once do I wake up grateful. So today, I am sitting here watching Project Runway All stars and drinking coffee and I have decided to share what I am grateful for today..My hub of 32 yrs..He loves and caters to me and makes me feel like a queen..I am grateful I have a home…a car…food in the fridge..a job…friends who love me..so yes, we all need to wake up grateful..some aren’t so lucky

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9 Responses to Take a moment and be grateful

  1. cherished79 says:

    Well said, I feel grateful also for what I have now. 🙂

  2. New Journey says:

    I feel extremely grateful for what I have…and for where I am in life….as always I love your inspiring post….and good job for not eating the pizza….kat

  3. kayciasailsman says:

    Excellent post! Sometimes it’s necessary to remind ourselves of the small things. Great post 😊

    • I agree. Even though right now as i write this, i feel like a complete/utter failure and a POS, i know that somewhere out there, another person
      regrettably is worse off then me. IT is so vital for us to even take 1 thing to remind us of how grateful (we) are. it is the small things. like
      merely walking or being over to wipe ones ass or put ones on socks on or having money to buy a coffee in the morning. We are lucky. We need to remember that.

      • kayciasailsman says:

        Yes it definitely helps to think of the small things and that helps put a lot of things into perspective.

  4. Michelle Jones says:

    I am grateful God has blessed me with another day of life, family and friends. Blessed to have a job, home and a right mine.

    Never let a day go by that you done Thank the Lord because we have things we can be grateful for every day. If you don’t believe it just look around. I use to complain about not having enough shoes. Then I meet a man with no feet now I understand what being grateful is.

    · So just remember if you have a low paying job, there are still people who don’t have a job

    · If you don’t have what you want to eat, remember there are people who eat out of the trash every day

    · If your car is old and run down, there are people without transportation

    · If your home is too small, there are people who are homeless.

    A little food for the mine!!

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