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  1. Hi dear dear Carolina Girl – I’m sharing with you an email which I also posted in facebook about this amazing program I’ve just been accepted into. I sent this to my dearest friends and supporters who have been present in different ways as I’ve trudged this Weight Loss, Food Addiction and Obesity recovery journey.

    Dear dear friends,

    Best thing in the world that could ever, ever happen to me! ! !
    I’ve just been accepted into an online food addiction program that is also part of a scientific research study – to in future allow this treatment to be covered by medical insurance, medicare and medicaid! ! ! !

    I’ve been listening to this amazing woman’s videos over this past week. I’ve also been feeling hopeless as well as severely depressed and I applied for their program but I had to request financial assistance or a scholarship – twice – and finally they offered something that I know I can manage. Woman is Susan Peirce Thompson, PhD – she has personal successful recovery from sugar addiction – 10 years – AND she is a scientist who will be listened to by the scientific and medical communities. When I first started listening to her I judged her and was horrified that she took FA/OA and made it into a business for herself to profit hugely. Now I know a lot more about her and her program and want to spread it to all my friends, family, and all in this world who are afflicted with any form of food addiction.

    The program is called Bright Line Eating – it is based on the 12 step programs of OA and FA – but is just enough different to NOT violate 12 step principles – and goes far beyond what 12 steps can offer – she also has secularized the program enough to appeal to a much larger number of afflicted individuals than would ever go to a 12 step meeting.

    I was obsessed with suicidal ideation for the past week.
    Now hope has been restored and I KNOW I will succeed with this amazing support group I am now part of – AND being part of the research project helps me with accountability. I already have personal integrity and honesty about my food addiction behaviors – committed to that years ago.

    Yay – today is the first day of the rest of my life! ! !

    love and smiles and HUGS to you! ! ! ! Anne

    Susan Peirce Thompson Bright Line Eating – program

    I’d love to know what you think of the program should you check it out 🙂 I am very hopeful this will change my life and support me in getting into lifelong recovery.

    Anne Wing – Maine usa

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