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Well damn, it was (me)

Did you overdo it yesterday?

I did…and well, i cant change it now. BUT i can change what i do today.
do you agree?? do you know agree?

for breakfast, i had my protein bar and at lunch, i have my fave green beans, some apple sauce and my beloved chicken salad (all home made). I like that as i know what goes into the ingredients.

i know that the main issue is me and my thinking of myself. i think i am a failure so therefore i am…and so i say fuck it and just eat. i know that food is not the enemy. it is not a being, merely a thing. i chose to eat this or that or drink that or whatever, it was me all along

it doesnt make me a bad person (although in my mind, it does)..it just means i did not do well at that time..its years of negative self doubt/negative self talk and thinking that made ME begin feeling this way.

SO, i over did it yesterday. I am merely going to do better today.


4 thoughts on “Well damn, it was (me)

  1. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off. Take a shower, slather on some good-smelling lotion as armor for the day and get right back up on that wagon! You are all over it!

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