I so wish I could believe this..

right now I feel like my friend eye candy says..a fat fuck

a lazy fat fuck

what is wrong w/me?

why do i not want it anymore?



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24 Responses to I so wish I could believe this..

  1. First, stop talking to yourself that way! Remove the word fat from your vocabulary when it comes to describing yourself. Second, we all have those times when it just feels like way to much to accomplish. Quit beating yourself up about it! I didn’t work out for an entire month and my food habits weren’t very healthy. This was after I spent 6 months working out like crazy and trying to account for every scrap of food I put in my mouth. I’m glad I had that month of regression. It helped me see that maybe I was hitting it too hard and that I lost sight of the real reason I was making changes. I want to be healthy and if I lie fat and gain muscle in the process that’s awesome! Instead of calling yourself lazy take this time to look at what might’ve brought you to this pause. You are amazing just the way you are! Make changes on your own terms. Lots of love!

  2. Eye Candy says:

    ok, FF Eye Candy here. Put FF pictures of CG all over the house and one at the dinner table while you eat. Who do you want to be? FF CG or the new , thinner, healthier, you??? You decide which you want to see in the mirror everyday.
    End of story.
    Love you,
    FF Eye Candy

  3. I did not want to like this post, but sadly I understand your struggle all too well.

  4. I understand….BUT….Nope chickie babe, you’ve come too far to stop. Feel frustrated. Feel Sad, Mad, Bored, Scared, Worried, Tired…feel everything…BUT…let it all go…Just BREATHE and take the next step forward no matter how tiny.

    • i am frustrated/mad and cant figure out WTF that i am doing. why have i stopped caring about it? i need to live/breathe this 24/7 to make it work. thank you as always for your words of confidence. it means so much..

      • Or maybe you could not put so much pressure on yourself to be 100% perfect, 100% of the time. I don’t know a single person whose living a 100% pure WLS life no matter the surgery they’ve had. EVERYONE is less than perfect…You do want this because you’ve made this step but if you’ve slipped up and have decided that means you don’t want it bad enough then I beg you to BREATHE!!!! Just breathe. Here’s my favorite quote from my nutritionist “Just eat good food and follow the rules…It’s that simple…and if you mess up, move on…It’s just that simple.” I adore her!!!! And, yes I know how difficult it can be to keep it that simple…but you’ve made it this far so dial it back to the basics and pick yourself up chickie…YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!

      • JUST BREATHE..reading your words made me cry….you are so nice to write me and help me through this very trying time..if i mess up, accept it and move on…LOVE THIS and its true dammit.. LOVE YOU LOVE YOU LOVE YOU

  5. Eye Candy says:

    I love everything, everyone wrote. No one is ever perfect. I once did a weight loss program and was 99% perfect for over 6 months. Exercised 1 hour a day, ate perfect and one day, everything stopped and I regained all my weight back. First it was a weight loss program that had you eating 850 calories a day and a real person can not survive on that few calories. I learned that years later from an expert.
    Everyone needs to be real, in a real world. Yesterday I was so bad. I love croutons on my salad and make homemade ones. Well I ate too many croutons and couldn’t eat dinner. So at 9:45pm I had a shake to get my protein in. Today I will be better, I hope.
    Have a great day everyone and if like me, you live in a snow area, be safe.
    Arlene aka Eye Candy

  6. Christine's Fat 2 Fit Journey! says:

    I read what you read, I thought the same thing. But once I lost the 50 lbs, I started view my self in a postive ways, my words changed about my self. I was going threw my blog I came across an old pic of me and tears almost came out. Why because I couldn’t believe that I was 220bs. Just keep pushing threw it all because you can do it.

    • thank you for taking a moment to write me. i loved what you wrote and can (see) how you felt as i feel it also :)………i wish i could forgive myself enough to just move on…..(if again),,maybe that is my issue..(that its again) and why i feel like a failure

      • Christine's Fat 2 Fit Journey! says:

        You can forgive yourself. If you don’t mind why do you feel like you have to forgive your self enough to move on. Is it because you have fallen lately? We all fall and we all feel like failure in losing weight. But we can’t allow your self’s to feel that way.

        Remember losing weight is hard work, it isn’t something can be done over night. What helps me is running, walking ect…that took time getting it done. My biggest down fall for me I work out and I say ok I worked out I can have bag of chips…but wait the calories that I have burnt has just been thrown out the window. As I gained what I had lost after my work out. I learnt a trick or two. I went out to a store about a nice pair of pants size 14 that cost me 40.00. I was size 18 when I was 220 lbs I had to start to push my self because I knew I couldn’t afford to give away my 40.00 size 14 pants to ppl. I ended up fitting in size 14.

        There is so much I want to share with you but I dont have much time to sit and type it out today.

        What I can say here may help you or it may not hep. Just keep trying, don’t give up.

      • this email response to me was amazing and touching. the last sentence can/could reach everyone and MEAN something ……***Just keep trying, don’t give up***

      • Christine's Fat 2 Fit Journey! says:

        losing weight isn’t easy thing to do. Yes keep trying, dont give up. find what works for you.

      • yes..just keep on moving..forward..its the only way to go…thanks for visiting and leaving a GREAT note and hope everyone see its

    • Eye Candy says:

      that is great. Any loss is better than a gain. I always think I failed because after 3 1/2 years I am down 70-80 but that is a small child, a full grown large dog. Keep positive everyone, we can all do it. In a few months is swim suit season, again, as I have lots of snow and more Thursday.

      • Christine's Fat 2 Fit Journey! says:

        are struggling to lose the weight? Do you see the differnce? i had a hard time seeing the differnce in my self. Ppl tell me that I have lost weight. I just couldn’t see what they saw. But in time I did. It take’s time and hard work. you can do it

      • eye candy, you are hero ♥

  7. me says:

    You are trying to change a lifetime of habits and feelings about how to eat. Naturally there will be some reverses, some back-sliding. But this is a long-term goal which will result in major benefits for you. Stay the course! Keep the faith! Get back on the horse! No one but you can snap you out of this. Are you getting enough sunshine? Go for a walk everyday and enjoy the sun on your face. Good luck, Girl.

    • i love what you wrote…….what got to me the most was ((stay the course))….perfect
      yes i stepped off and went sight seeing BUT am back and going strong..

      so appreciate the words and the boost of confidence it means EVERYTHING TO ME

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