Please Share…

This ABC list is important. Not only to me, but to anyone trying to get well by losing weight. Please share and spread. Thank you.

A. ALWAYS know that you are not alone and that someone else is struggling right along with you and may have even a worse time. Even if you feel like the biggest whale on this earth and will never be the desired size/weight you want, you are better off then some. Remember that. It isn’t as bad as you think.

B. BE. BE thankful to be alive and able to make yourself (well). There are many times that I am not thankful and am downright pissed at how my life is right now. What a horrible attitude to have. And having that type of attitude weighs you down. BE who you are right now. WE are OK as we are no matter what the scale or pants size says.

C. CLEAR. Clear/cleanse your mind. Today is today. Yesterday is gone and never to return.

D. DON’T. Don’t use the word CAN’T because you know you CAN. If you want. Do you?

E. EASY. It is as easy as you make it.

F. FAST. To lose weight fast (is mainly water weight). That is great BUT we want actual and true weight to come off. Slow and steady is the way to go. Fast is not always best even if that is how we want it. We did not gain it overnight and we will not lose it over night.

G. GO. Go to the store (the local grocery and farmers market) and learn about different fruits and vegetables. EAT EAT EAT. If in doubt, ask the seller how to prepare. Try and eat one different thing a week to see if you like it or not.

H. HONEST. Be honest. YOU know what you eat and what you drink. The scale and the clothes do not lie. BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF.

I. IGNORE. Ignore your past. It cannot be changed. What matters is NOW. You cannot go back and have a redo about anything but you CAN change the NOW and your future.

J. JUST. Just do it already. Saying I will start tomorrow or Monday does what? Nothing. As my brother told me once, either do it already or shut up.

K. KEEP. Keep a journal or a record or a diary of your food/drink if you are not aware. Try it for one week (and be honest what what goes into your mouth) and let that be a wake up call. You may not be thinking you hardly eat BUT it is what you eat and not just the amount.

L. LOVE. (this one is hard for me) LOVE/LIKE yourself. YOU need to look within and LOVE you. YOU are wonderful right this very moment. Whatever what the scale, pants size/dress/coat size says. YOU can do this. Love yourself enough to make yourself well.

M. MORE. Eat more veggies/fruit (if you are able per your dr) and less things that aren’t as good for you. More is sometimes better than less.

N. NEVER. NEVER starve or do without. If you deprive yourself, you will eventually binge (or pig out). If you want something, have a small bit of it and move on. NEVER say you can’t have this or that. YOU are not on a diet. You are merely eating better.

O. ONLY. YOU are the ONLY one who can make yourself well. You are the only one who feeds you so you are the ONLY one who is in control of eating/drinking/exercising etc. Be the ONLY one who matters.

P. PATIENT. Patient is a very hard word. We all live in a world of fast. Fast does not always mean better. Be patient. There is not a time time on health. Day in and day out. Be patient. Remember the hare and the turtle. Slow and Steady dammit.

Q. QUIT. We, all of us with weight problems have quit time and time again. So stop.
Accept what is right this very moment. And do something about it. DO not quit even if you want to. One set back will NOT ruin what you are doing. Stay the course. YOU CAN.

R. REALITY. Look in the mirror. Try on a pair of jeans you cannot put on anymore. That is your reality. Change it, if you want to. Reality is that it is up to you
to do that. And you can.

S. STARVE. Why do people on (diets) starve themselves? Eat to lose weight. The same as you did to gain it. EAT. But change what/when/how you eat.

T. TRUST. Trust yourself to know that YOU do know what you are doing. Do what works for you. YOU are the one who has to do it. TRUST your instincts/your knowledge. Trust and Believe in YOU.

U. UNDERSTAND. Understand that this is a process. It is something that will not happen overnight. Understand this is for day in and day out. Eating and drinking and moving. Understand. Accept. Acknowledge. And understand that you are not alone.

V. VARIETY. Eat and drink a variety of items. I like having a small assortment of things as it works for me BUT in the summer/spring, I eat a wide variety of fruits/veggies. Mother nature kicks it out of the ball park. EAT and enjoy. Eating nature is so good. Way better than from a box, fast food, processed. Eat clean.

W. WATCH. Watch your thoughts. Your thinking can ruin you in a heartbeat. YOUR thoughts play havoc on us. If you start thinking negative, then guess what? You start feeling bad and then eventually go what the hell and do something you may not like/or want to do. WATCH. If you find yourself having a moment, take a moment and realize that a bad moment will pass and will not last.

X. XEROX. Xerox recipes that you find to try and use. Some will be amazing (like baby pan pan meat loaf that I make) or like protein pancakes (did not turn out well LOL)…Live life and enjoy..

Y. YOU. It is and always will be about YOU. YOU ARE AWESOME.


Hope you enjoyed my ABC’s. I wrote this for me and for you.
Feel free to add to my list.


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40 Responses to Please Share…

  1. cherished79 says:

    Beautifully said and beautifully written.

  2. stephieann8 says:

    Great list and true stuff!

  3. Lovely points well stated too. I will reblog this

  4. Reblogged this on a cooking pot and twistedtales and commented:
    A creative A to Z which resonates with me and maybe yo 😊.

  5. Dream4Fun says:

    Apropos absolutely nothing: In Cockney London, the alphabet was parodied as A for horses, B for mutton, C for miles, etc. But yours has more content. I do like your post.

  6. Deb says:

    Beautiful and true points!

  7. Excellent list!!! Thank you for sharing. While this is related to eating well it can very well be adapted to living a good wholesome life.

  8. coachjerry says:

    Innovative format. I expected E to be about exercise and was surprised this seems to be missing. What are your thoughts about exercise in a weight loss program?

    • HUGELY does it play a part…my ABC’s was how i saw it at the time…i am sure an ABC of exercise is next….and i am working on that..
      i appreciate the wasnt missing *but not wrote out*. i almost made e exercise but thought everyone would assume it…so i went
      with easy……EXERCISE is easy….walking is what i do and can only do at present….hopefully people can mix the two. thanks again for visiting and commenting. it means a lot to me.

      • coachjerry says:

        Walking is good. A fitness instructor told me something that stuck with me: “The human body loves to move.” Every time I exercise, whether it’s walking or a full strength/aerobic exercise, I feel good. Tired, a bit sore, but really good.

  9. lydiaA1614 says:

    This is awesome! I need to remind myself of all of this on a regular basis. I know that losing weight is necessary for my health; however, as my health continues to be a challenge I want to eat the wrong things. Thanks for this!

  10. Julie Waters says:

    Wanted you to know I shared this on my Facebook. ❤️

  11. I love this, thank you for posting it.

  12. I reblogged because you said to share. But I love this, thank you for sharing these precious inspiring thoughts with us.

  13. susieshy45 says:

    Loved this- read this through Debbie’s reblog.

  14. Pingback: Please Share…an ABC List – Bananas over Weight Loss

  15. birdieklh says:

    Reblogged this on My Weight Loss Journey and commented:
    keep a copy and pass along

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