Be strong now. Things will get better.

True comfort must come from the truth… do not let this world’s problems get you down. Yes, it gets a little rough sometimes, no matter who you are for all people, sooner or later, the cup of human sorrow & problems fills and overflows. But for all problems there are solutions. Problems make our life interesting. We must have the skills of problem-solvers… have faith, strength and courage.


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4 Responses to Be strong now. Things will get better.

  1. A truth that we forget, things always get better. Thank you for following my blog.

    • there is always……ALWAYS…….someone/somewhere worse off then (we are)….via weight loss issues or otherwise… reality, if we think about it, its not so bad…BUT to us, it is everything…at least it is to me..

  2. See…told ya you inspire me…can’t tell you how much I needed to see this.

    My metabolic testing results Tuesday were unexpected to say the least…27% HIGHER than normal. According to the test, my weight loss zone is 1925-2405 calories. Which is AWESOME….on paper. It reality not so much because I’ve been weighing and measuring every morsel for over 10 years and haven’t lost consuming less than that. Sad and scared thinking maybe this also isn’t going to work for me. I emailed the nutritionist but she hasn’t gotten back to me and that’s only making me more anxious. I mean I wouldn’t know what to say to me. Ugh…I wish they never did the test. My confidence is rocked. But…you’re right…for all problems there are solutions…I could use a little less in the interesting department though :/

    • it could be a wide variety of reasons the results were higher… not let that throw you.was the dr overly concerned? if not, then no need to worry. only worry if the dr gives us something to worry about sweetie pie..
      well, 3500 calories is a pound ate or lettuce or apples or hot dogs..i do think there are some calories that are better than others…like wine caloroies are empty and not worth consuming but its delicious 🙂

      eat clean….fresh vs frozen if you can….hard to do sometimes…boxes/packages/fast foods are out of the question or should be…high fat etc and more major calories..IT will work..the WLS will help you/us/whomever eat less….we merely choose what we (eat)..
      YOU got this dammit

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