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Do you want it?

i have been (back) on program for 11 days now..i admit i do feel better and i am beginning to believe in me again….not 100% but more then i have in a very long time..i am WANTING to eat better and do better

it takes more then eating and drinking and exercising and a WLS if you have that..it takes something called want power….not will power as i can will myself into anything but you have to WANT it

want it enough to do something about it
want it enough to actually do something instead of saying/thinking it
want it enough to knowing eat better and move more etc..

you gotta wanna
sure we all wanna
but you have to DO

so, do YOU want it??


2 thoughts on “Do you want it?

  1. I just told somebody today, who was complaining that she “just doesn’t see how she can lose this weight” the very same thing! Excellent reminder! You have to want it to make it happen. You have to want it more than junk food. You have to want it more than sitting on your couch and vegging out after work! You have to want it more than anything that can hinder it or it isn’t happening!

    • i love my zombie rum…hell i even blogged about it…..more than once LOL
      BUT i want to lose weight more then me drinking it every day….empty calories…is it worth it? yes, it is delish but i want to be healthier and able to move better…..and yes, wear smaller clothes sizes..its inside of us..no matter if its 100 pounds or 25…it will all come off the same way…1/4 pound at a time……the same way it went on….1/4 at a time………..way to go to tell her it is up to her…in the long run…WLS or whatever can only help so much….it is up to the one looking back at us in the mirror..

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