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big big big DECISION

you know i LOVE my rum mixed with blue filler…i call it zombie and in fact barcardi makes it..it is delicious esp in the summer time….

remember 3500 calories is a pound ate or drank and f we dont burn off more than we take in..what do you think happens??  take a second and ponder..

60 calories in 1.5 oz…….OMG..that’s an ice cube dammit

i can easily drink half the bottle in one setting…yeah i know

so excess and empty calories vs me over eating and NOT exercising

is there any shock to my regain??

my decision is to stop drinking it…..i may have some wine w/dinner but no more becoming a zombie head…also 7% sugars OMG x2

i have to want to lose weight MORE than me drinking a lot of this tarheel blue liquid that is a lot of empty (but delicious) calories and sugar


but i do want to do better..so i am




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