Sick and tired of it dammit

yes i still have a nasty cough and i kept both hub and dobe puppy up and i admit my chest and back hurt from coughing..i am trying NOT think i got pnuemonia but i am going to the dr when i leave to work today

wish me luck…



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8 Responses to Sick and tired of it dammit

  1. Heartafire says:

    Good luck to you. I had pneumonia a few years ago, knocked it out with antibiotics!

  2. Im the same 😦 had it two weeks nearly! Hope you’re feeling better soon xx

    • well dr got me on tusset at night to help with night coughing…my neck/back/chest hurts from hacking
      dr said it needs to run course…said it was upper resp bug

      thanks for wishing me well
      glad you are better

  3. rlcarterrn says:

    Hope you feel better soon! I’m glad I went to an urgent care last week because I had a mild care of pneumonia too. I’m feeling much better now that I’m almost done with my Z pack.

    • OH NO…..i dont have pheumonia (are you better now??) bless your heart……i just have an upper resp infection…started that c pac?? and the dr said it just has to work its way out…i know my chest/back/neck hurts from coughing..but they gave me tusset and it helped me rest like night..

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