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us being in the south call dinner supper…

what did you have??

i had some green beans, boiled potato’s and 1 ff turkey breast hot dog
(ball park) and some white zin wine….

let me say…4 days with out me eating junk food …let me say, the tummy will cleanse itself….thank heavens for immodium a.d.


13 thoughts on “supper…

  1. Read my recent post that included an npr show of Dr Lustig discussing the role of carbs and fiber. Eat real food. No processed but real is going to be packaged with just the right amounts of everything. I will tell you I am proud of your accomplishments so far. I want you to succeed.

  2. Went to supper with my hubby tonight so didn’t eat my normal primal/paleo fare. But it felt nice to indulge a bit for once. Had chicken fried steak, okra, and salad.

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