making a turn…

seems that i am doing wise/caloric wise and believing in myself wise……could it be i am making a turn for the better???

i am thinking more clearly of the eating..this morning as i was stuck in traffic, i was thinking of the last year..of the junk i was eating (again)…fast food, chips etc…w/o even hesitating..yes my WLS of choice helped me eat less but i still was the one that chose to eat things that were not the best options..

one thing i know is true however……see below:

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2 Responses to making a turn…

  1. Bipolarbrainiac says:

    ive exercise bulimia/binge eating;. Did you have weight loss surg? low dose vyvanse cuts my sugar cravings which are huge since I take clozaril (worse than Seroquel re weight gain). terrific for my tardive though.

    • hey there..i def was a binge eater and i am not careful, i could slip back into any time…yes, i had the lap band with plication…it helps me eat less BUT it is up to me to eat better foods for the last year, i seemed to have pushed the eating better things aside and slip back into the quick/easy/cheap/fast foods…

      how you doing otherwise today?

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