Pinto Beans

This is what I had for dinner tonight..pinto and diced onion w.ketchup
it was very filling and also very good…

here some info on the pinto bean:

The pinto bean is the bean most commonly used for refried beans (fresh or canned) and in many dishes. This variety is often used in chili con carne, although kidney beans, black beans, and many others may also be used in other locales (see below).

Pinto beans are commonly eaten beans in Brazilian cuisine (legumes, mainly common bean, are a staple food everywhere in the country, cultivated since 3000 BCE, along with starch-rich foods, such as rice, manioc, pasta, and other wheat-based products, polenta and other corn-based products, potatoes and yams).

In the Southern United States, pinto bean were once a staple of the people, especially during the winter months. Some churches in rural areas still sponsor “pinto bean suppers” for social gatherings and fund raisers.

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