Today is Dec 30th…READ

Today is the day to take control of your goals as well as taking control of anything standing in your way. Be positive, strong, and productive. Go make things happen.


WE got this dammit


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NC girl getting healthy. Come visit me and say hello.
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7 Responses to Today is Dec 30th…READ

  1. Hi Carolina Girl! Yes we got this!
    In preparation for a new year and a new and exciting healthy life this is my third day of being sugar and flour free. I am very addicted to both and I have miserable detox symptoms when I give them up so I want to feel optimistic and happy on New Year’s Day when my new year starts! Thus the head start. (I can’t feel too badly about myself having started at 384 lbs, and today being 283 lbs, but I want to like myself, get my confidence back and feel strong and capable again)
    OK I had to face the music – I decided I had to – and got weighed and to my dismay I’ve gained back nearly 40 of the 137 lbs I lost during the pre and post periods of my “sleeve” surgery.
    I feel so much better at the lower weight physically and mentally, and my mobility is so much better that I do not want to lose those things again.
    Thus – a new leaf. My food will be very simple – lots of water daily – focus on proteins first with of veggies, also healthy fats (olive and coconut oils, nuts and seeds) and a bit of fruit, not even daily – limiting my dairy to lowfat Greek yogurt and occasional cheese.
    I love eating like this – so what is my problem?! ?! ?! OH addiction is it?! yeah and that isn’t a little issue and it is a chronic lifelong condition but thankfully there is a remedy to control and maintain.
    So Happy New Year – may 2016 have you feeling happy and healthy! and me too – and all the other active food addicts who want a new life! ! !

  2. Healthy Not Nuts says:

    Thank you for these words. There has been something in my mind that’s in my way and I am getting rid of it, now. Thanks!

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