i admit i am to blame for my it was my entire life…so i can whine/bitch about it or step up and pull on my big girl panties and do what i know i need to do…(AGAIN)

up to me…

am i a failure?


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4 Responses to admit

  1. Eye Candy says:

    A failure is a person who never tries. You tried and have kept lots of weight off, so you did not fail.You had a set back. Me too!!!! FF is not happy. I eat shit foods, like cake, cookies, ice cream, all high calories and no benefit to a healthy body. Maybe today is a great start day for many people, before the New Year. So many people say I’ll start in the New Year, why wait so long? I don’t drink so I don’t care about the toasting at midnight.
    I am going out for dinner New Year’s Eve but no drinks for me but I will be home early, my friends don’t stay out past 9-10. Party Poopers! My husband too, me-party all night. CG, I would party with you but we are too far away from each other.
    Have a great day everyone. Getting ready for story time at Whole Foods with my grandson and DIL and then lunch. How fun.

  2. keen peach says:

    No way are you a failure!! You are just learning the lessons along with the rest of us. Good luck on your new beginning!

  3. New Journey says:

    no way are we failures…we just allowed ourselves to indulge in the seasons festivities…notin wrong about that..unfortunately it is my birthday week after Christmas week…so I wait until January2n…don’t be hard on yourself….your already pullin on your big girl panties and getting back at it….YAY…no negative thoughts…..all positive….kat

  4. Just…keep…moving…forward!!!!

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