i admit i am to blame for my it was my entire life…so i can whine/bitch about it or step up and pull on my big girl panties and do what i know i need to do…(AGAIN)

up to me…

am i a failure?


4 thoughts on “admit

  1. A failure is a person who never tries. You tried and have kept lots of weight off, so you did not fail.You had a set back. Me too!!!! FF is not happy. I eat shit foods, like cake, cookies, ice cream, all high calories and no benefit to a healthy body. Maybe today is a great start day for many people, before the New Year. So many people say I’ll start in the New Year, why wait so long? I don’t drink so I don’t care about the toasting at midnight.
    I am going out for dinner New Year’s Eve but no drinks for me but I will be home early, my friends don’t stay out past 9-10. Party Poopers! My husband too, me-party all night. CG, I would party with you but we are too far away from each other.
    Have a great day everyone. Getting ready for story time at Whole Foods with my grandson and DIL and then lunch. How fun.

  2. no way are we failures…we just allowed ourselves to indulge in the seasons festivities…notin wrong about that..unfortunately it is my birthday week after Christmas week…so I wait until January2n…don’t be hard on yourself….your already pullin on your big girl panties and getting back at it….YAY…no negative thoughts…..all positive….kat

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