need to be positive..

this is my big problem i would think for the last year…but it is vital to believe in ones self..if we dont, then who will??

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NC girl getting healthy. Come visit me and say hello.
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5 Responses to need to be positive..

  1. New Journey says:

    Happy New year Girlfriend……KAt

  2. Can I just tell you how much you inspire me? My surgery is mid-to-late February…sleeve, not band though, but I just love how honest and real your journey is. Hang in there girl!!! You have one of the best tools available…so WORK IT!

    • OK……me inspire YOU? how sweet…how nice of you to take time out to write me..I am sooooooooo proud of you and your decision on ins at the time did not ok the sleeve or i think i would have opted for that..truly.

      the tool is our mind pretty much..the WLS just reminds us of what to do 🙂
      and you are right, lets work it

      hang in there….please please keep in touch sweet heart ♥

      • Yes YOU!!!! I haven’t revealed my decision to many yet. I’m waiting for my last round of tests on Tuesday. My surgeon actually tests metabolism!!!! I’ve only been trying to get that to happen for 15 years…lol But he’s also doing a full abdominal ultrasound to look for hernias which may need repair. Anyway…knowing you’re here is comforting 😀

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