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Two for Tuesday

1. Let’s make it a good day. Just think and be happy. NO matter what. Yes it is easier said than done as I am the worst at thinking positive. I have trained myself to be negative in everything that deals with my life..I want to change that. IF I thought more positive, I feel I could/would do better in all areas. SO, for today, or even an hour, let’s make it a good day.

2. Do the best you can with food/drink/exercise. IT doesn’t matter what you did or did not do yesterday (that is history and we can never ever get it back). WE have today only so let’s make the best of it.


4 thoughts on “Two for Tuesday

  1. I’ll share one of my goofy secrets. I love to sing and dance silly songs, like Broadway ones. They always bring a smile especially when I fuck up the words and can’t sing in key or anything decent. Now everyone sing some silly songs and smile at yourself.
    As far as eating properly. The last 2 days I ate really really shitty. So I had 3 shakes both days so I could get my protein in. Today, I will try to be much better.
    Time to run. Enjoy your day everyone.
    Arlene/Eye Candy

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