Fat Shaming, is that the new form of fun?

NO one needs to tell (fat) people they are fat…

read the below article..what are your thoughts?



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12 Responses to Fat Shaming, is that the new form of fun?

  1. dcarmack says:

    Give better advice. Exercise cannot make people lose weight. Burning calories does not ‘melt fat’. If you want the obese to lose weight, advice them to get their energy from eating butter, lard, tallow, meat and give up eating carbs all together. Exercise is good for a lot of things, but its not good for losing weight.

  2. People with weight issues are constantly reminded of it. Not only when you look in the mirror, but also because people do point it out. By insulting, snickering, making faces…you name it. I don’t need some self-righteous woman with a serious superiority complex jumping down my throat. Because guess what? When you approach an issue with obvious disdain for the individual you’re supposedly trying to help, you make the problem worse. Not better. Because guess what people with comfort food problems do when you insult them? They comfort themselves… She’s an effing idiot.

    As for the hipster guy she references, who handed out “you’re fat” cards on public transit: I wonder how he would sleep at night if his blatant insults resulted in someone self-harming? Possibly in a permanent way?

    If you want to reach out, reach out – to loved ones and in loving, compassionate, patient ways. You won’t make positive changes in the world by bullying people.


  3. I just read this article; thanks for posting it. My thoughts:

    First we have a profound problem of morbid obesity in our culture today starting with young kids.

    Second there is nothing uglier than a human being who has no compassion.

    Third Fat Shaming is not new – I was publicly ridiculed from age 4 and 5 by older kids when I was merely a bit chubby. Fat Shaming is a lot more public now, and coming from highly educated people which allows a lot of other hateful people to feel they are in the right to publicly Fat Shame others.

    Fourth – oh boy, where to start – look at what kinds of food qualify as nutritious today – tons and tons of highly refined highly processed pre-packaged items full of chemicals, refined sugars and refined flours and bad fats. Highly processed foods, in particular white sugar, are addictive to many people whose metabolism are prone to obesity and it is a vicious cycle leading to lots of serious health problems including major depression and self-loathing.

    Fifth – I don’t have THE answers – and I do think the answers may vary for different body types but I do know for myself the 3 major things I need daily to fight my natural predisposition toward obesity are:
    one) abstain from sugar and flour,
    two) increased physical activity which for me is taking long daily walks with my dog,
    three) a spiritual practice that works for the person doing it – and I use the word spiritual broadly – for me it feeds my spirit to spend time with others who share the same struggles so for me that means contact with 12 step programs such as OA, overeaters anonymous, FA, Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous, AA, Al-anon, or whatever spiritual practice works for you. Any action or practice that leads me toward self-love and helping others, and the understanding there is something in life greater than ourselves.

    Sixth) Fat Shaming is a form of bullying. The whole problem is overwhelming and where to start, what to do about it? I believe I must first start with myself and work rigorously every day to be the best person I can be including the healthiest and most positive-minded. Now, that being said I must add that where there is addiction recovery there is also the possibility of relapse and relapse is ugly, as ugly as self-hate and self-loathing, as ugly as addiction itself because it IS addiction, none of us can successfully recover by ourselves – we must help each other. As people’s self-recovery becomes actualized I believe changes that affect our culture as a whole will become more and more positively obvious.

    My two cents worth,

  4. James says:

    It’s really important not to take Katie Hopkins and the Daily Mail seriously. The Daily Mail is the online equivalent of a supermarket tabloid, and Hopkins will say anything just to shock and upset people. That’s what she’s paid for.

  5. Please note.
    Katie Hopkins is one of the most despised and reviled people in the UK.
    There are so few people who agree with her it is unreal.
    She opens her mouth and pure arse gravy pours out.
    All she does it for is column inches and keeping her name in the headlines.
    EVERYONE I know absolutely hates her and as for the Daily Mail, I wouldn’t wipe my arse with it.

  6. beetleypete says:

    Thanks for the follow of my blog, BNCG.
    The Daily Mail is a reviled right-wing daily newspaper that sensible people avoid in the UK. It caters for the lowest common denominator in all things, and is famous for its racist stance on foreign affairs. The editor would think fat shaming is more than acceptable.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • i love reading that tabloid nonsense…LOL
      my son is stationed in the UK at Mildenhall and my hub and me were stationed there by in the 80s. I love the UK
      i recall him reading about the page 3 girl LOL..

      PS i do love your blog BTW

      • beetleypete says:

        Thanks very much. We are an hour by car from Mildenhall, so pass the base often on our way south. I’m originally from central London, and have only lived here three and a bit years.
        Best wishes, Pete.

  7. Not having read it yet, I’d say brutal honesty would be the last thing I’d want at Christmas (or any other time).

  8. I think fat people know they’re fat, and mostly they hate it. They’d much rather be a normal size. If it was as easy as saying hey presto, they would.

    • i think large people do wish they were what they see daily in the tv or magazines etc…that is what we are told is acceptable and strive to be..it is hard to live large
      and its even harder to live in the world daily..

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