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yes, the battle is real


i am battling myself right now…how i see myself..how i feel people see me…if i hate me and how i look, i am assuming that is how the world also sees me..(maybe one day i will realize the world doesnt revolve around me).

we went to a xmas party last night..i was so uncomfortable…but had a ok time..all i thought was how much i failed me and how hub must be ashamed..and how people who know of my WLS must think i am such a failure also..

dont read this today and think i am having a pity party..maybe i am but i know i am just very sad today..i am fighting a battle and from where i stand today, its all up hill…




2 thoughts on “yes, the battle is real

  1. Don’t be thinking this.
    For one most people do not understand the surgery you have had done so aren’t qualified to haver an opinion and for two, you are just as good as any of them if not better because you UNDERSTAND and have EMPATHY.
    Anyone with bad things or thoughts doesn’t deserve your time.
    Have a bit of a pity party.
    I do sometimes and I feel great afterward because it gets rid of it!

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