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Hello, it’s me


here is a picture of me that i just took..fat face and all…as my friend eye candy refers to as FF…..you can ask here what the means LOL…she is a crazy gal who i love/adore..

anyhow, this is ME….i would LOVE to see you…take a pic and put it on here and say hey to me..

is anyone out there?




19 thoughts on “Hello, it’s me

  1. hello…nice to see your a beautiful woman just as I thought….stop all the BS with the fat face….your a lovely woman with a wonderful face….why are we so critical about ourselves…me my self have a double chin I inherited from my fathers side of the family….oh well it is what it is….anyway, if it counts, I think your beautiful….kat

    • I think you’re lovely as well. You know as well as the rest of us that positivity is the biggest part of this journey. What can we do to help you be more positive?

  2. All this negativity is not helping – it is feeding the cycle of self-abuse, shame and sabotage. You are a beautiful person inside and out. Be as kind to yourself as you would be to a loved one. 🙂

    • YOU are so so kind and so so right..i am ONLY hurting myself…and it is a cycle..i need to stop it..whining and having a pity party helps NO ONE
      esp the one throwing the pity party LOL……..thank you for the kind words…happy new year my freind

  3. Hi you. Great picture and it’s not a FF. You had, HAD!! a FF face over 3 years ago. Stop being hard on yourself.
    I don’t know how to take pictures and post them any where. So I am the faceless friend.

    • The photo has to be hosted somewhere on the Internet, either in your WordPress profile, in which case, it would automatically be displayed when you post a comment (such as the bird you current have as a profile image), or take a selfie and put it on a website or Internet accessible photo album.

      I took a photo of myself using a desktop app and then posted it to my Google+ account. I then got the specific link to the photo and put it in my comment. To see what I look like, click the link.

      Hope this helps.

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