I am a disgusting fat body

i went to the bathroom and took a picture of me.
let me say all i say is a big ole saggy stomach.

if that doesnt motivate me, then nothing will..


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9 Responses to I am a disgusting fat body

  1. Losing weight is not an easy feat.

  2. Eye Candy says:

    some people post on FB, eat naked and you will never eat again. Would I, NEVER! EVER!
    I look like a fat rollie pollie in front of the mirror. Just look at your face and hair and move on. Even thin models have their flaws.

  3. Heartafire says:

    stop punishing yourself, you’re a beautiful person, I can tell! Take it a day at a time. Eating is like everything else, we relapse, its part of it, get back on the wagon! 🙂

  4. keen peach says:

    I agree with Heartafire. Try to focus on the fact that you are moving forward in the right direction. A positive mindset is super motivating. You can do it girl!

  5. dcarmack says:

    You are not your body, but you are it’s steward. The you inside has to quit expressing negative emotions when you look in a mirror. Remember, you are trying, give yourself that much. Remember you are sharing, give yourself that much. Remember, you were not always overweight, and you did follow their bad advice for a long time to get you where you are now. Quit eating processed foods of any kind and watch the changes, feel the changes, you will even think different. Trust me on this one.

  6. Stop that right now. You need to love yourself even before losing weight-you can do this girlfriend!!!

  7. Celebrate small successes. Remember… set your feet in the right direction and start walking. If you were teaching a child a new behavior, such as how to read, would you punish them for making mistakes along the way? No, of course not… because they would give up, become angry, become resentful. Instead you would applaud them for every success, help them when they stumbled over words, forgive them for their errors. Treat yourself with the same kindness. You deserve it.

  8. carlos says:

    We must always have a good attitude towards life, no matter how hard things have been, we must try to overcome them, many times it is not easy to face 🙂 in my case I always tried to be a strong person but sometimes the world would collapse and I thought that I was a person who could not please others, it helped me a lot to start consuming natural supplements 🙂 It strengthened me mentally and helped me to have a healthy body 🙂
    With Leptitox I felt better, that’s the name of the supplement 🙂 This product helped me to have a healthier body and to strengthen my mind by consuming the right things and thanks to this I was able to lose weight very easily 🙂 look

  9. Healty Life says:

    It’s very useful…
    Hope this method will help others…

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