weight loss surgery

let me state i love all WLS patients
i do NOT feel one is better than another
and this post is NOT a diss on the sleeve or bypass
please understand and know that…WTF am i to judge??

been asked often lately why i no longer post on BP
here is my answer

i left BP or formerly lap band talk bc it was all neg nellies from former band patients and sleevers and bypass patients downing the lapband and after a while i started to believe i chose the wrong WLS although my ins wouldnt approve the sleeve and i was scared to get bypass…so i went to BP to be around people like me..people with lap bands..

it was supportive for a while then it became us against them and so i chose to leave and stop defending the WLS i have..

i wish i would have sometimes, got the bypass…this young lady i know and see around a lot, got the bypass and told my hub as we see her around every so often that she was sad i was gaining weight? can you believe that?? it embarrassed me and it made me doubt myself and again i was the woe is me person and i cant even choose the right WLS..

now all WLS works and all WLS cannot work for various reasons..and all WLS has issues and all WLS can have no issues what so ever..

and hope this answered why i am no longer on BP…its a great website/forum and i made some great friends there but in my opinion, its not a very supportive site for band patients..nor is obesity help for that matter

but support starts within

and if you are lucky like i have been, you will also find great support…

and if you are reading this, I SUPPORT YOU AND WHATEVER WLS YOU HAVE

we are all the same….trying to lose weight/get healthy


About Banded Carolina Girl

NC girl getting healthy. Come visit me and say hello.
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3 Responses to weight loss surgery

  1. Mary Lou Sharp says:

    You and I had that same feeling about Bariatric Pal. It hasn’t been very supportive of Lapband folks for sometime. Once it changed over to all Bariatric surgeries the meaness came out. Sleeve people are quit possibly the most obnoxious about I am better than you bandsters. I don’t know why because we all have the same problems. It doesn’t matter to me how you get healthy just do it and shut the hell up and get off of other people for what they had. Some of the post got so scary and I was very vocal about it but it didn’t do any good they just kept it up. so, when I go on there I only answer the band people and try to stay out of the pissing matches with sleeve folks. By pass people are not near as mean and they quite possibly get it that we all have our own road to walk. Let me walk mine for God’s sake and you walk yours. Some of these people with their holier than thou attitudes are experiencing what I call “Know it all” syndrome, suddenly they are losing weight successful and now they are experts. I do not begrudge anyone from being happy and successful but please quit trying to tell me I made a huge mistake by having a lapband.. I’d rather live in my own little world and be happy than have someone constantly downing my decision.

  2. Eye Candy says:

    Me again. I know at least 6 people that had by pass and after 6-10 years they are all very fat again. Even with the sleeve you can stretch out the pouch. I learned that from my monthly support group. So nothing is fool proof but our hands putting the wrong items in my shopping carts and mouths.
    CG, you did not fail. Failure is gaining back 100% of your weight loss, learned that one also at my meetings.
    Now smile, and get those legs walking with KeeLyn.

  3. I agree with the two people above.
    Do NOT listen to anyones point of view if it is negative.
    You do not need it.
    I stopped going to my Bariatric support group because the guy who took over is a fool. He had a Bypass a year before and has honestly not lost any weight yet he tells people what to do.
    It is down to you as ALL WLS has a chance of working as long as you follow a healthy diet.
    We are what we eat.
    Eat fatty foods……
    Eat healthy foods…..

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