Portions and being scared

i am admitting that i have been over eating and NOT making the best food choices. that is my own choosing and my own doing. as my friend eye candy reminds me, and what i use to suggest for best results, is to merely do it

do what?

and do it daily for best results

i am very scared that i have hurt my lap band by my overeating
jan 5th, i have a dr appt for an xray on my tummy..i am fearing the worst yet hoping i am ok…would serve me right that is for sure..this is weighing heavily on my mind as i feel i have (failed) the lap band as well as myself and also let my hub down…

so today when hub made breakfast this morning, i said please use the small bowl…and he said the smaller portion? i said yes..its not much, but it is something..a start?

i see this small thing as a big thing…i could have very easily said nothing and ate the big ole plate as normal..

so i am going back to i know what works…eating BUT eating my lap band portions..its not about eating this or that as we all know diets dont work..

i had WLS to help me not eat as much
all i have to do is eat (make better choices) and let the band work
and i admit i HAVE NOT been doing that

i can cry, piss, moan about this or that BUT clothes being to tight or too small to wear is a sign that unless i do something about it, i will not be doing what i deserve…

i do not expect to be 120 pounds or a size 2
but i would like right now to get back under 200

so today, i am going to eat…use portions and in the words of my friend, eye candy, get on with it….and dont be a FF again

so, thank you for reading my words..i know lately they have been whiney and feeling sorry for myself and i do apologize for that..

thank YOU for being my friend

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10 Responses to Portions and being scared

  1. smilz4782 says:

    Being so honest with yourself and your feelings is very brave and will go a long way helping you reach your goals.
    Every small decision adds up–keep going! ❤️

    • thank you…i always said if i started to blog, i would be honest via good ups and downs..granted the downs are to my own doing this last yr but i really want to get better..and for me to get better, i just have to (do)…every small decision helps and i hope you are right, adding up to better health….thanks for the support my friend

      • smilz4782 says:

        It’s called the Compound Effect (great book!)–every little decision truly adds up! If every meal you make a healthy portion decision and ultimately cut even 100 calories a day from your diet–in one year you still lose 10.4 lbs. the opposite is also true–if I eat 100 calories a day more in a year I will gain 10.4lbs. Every little bit adds up! Keep at it ❤️

  2. thedailylifestyleblog says:

    It’s true… I been doing the same thing for some time now. I keep telling myself I will start the next day, but then it comes and I’m doing the same thing. I’m going to start today and really do it this time. Lol… I hope I can actually stick with it.

    • yes, start and start and start…been there done that for 40+ yrs if i am honest..we all say we start monday..why not now? why not today?? like you, i am just going to do better..i normally would say try to do better but what is try..it needs to be a do..just do better…lets not worry if we ca stick with it as it dont matter….what matter is we just do the best we can right now

      hang in there sweetheart

      • thedailylifestyleblog says:

        I totally feel you on that. I would always say that also. Then Monday came and past. Then I start hearing those voices telling me to eat that cake and start tomorrow. Then I went through the whole week and not doing what I said I was going to do. It’s very hard at times. So I just don’t plan anything. I get mind together then I take steps. If I fall backwards then I get back up and start over till I get it right. Your mind has to be in the game before it can work. Hang in there. We both will make it… 🙂

  3. Eye Candy says:

    Wonderful start to the new CG!
    Last night was my brother’s 75th b. day party. A square dance but because of shoulder surgery, I watched. I ate perfect all day so I could have a piece of b. day cake. My brother bought his favorite, white cake with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. I hate strawberries and whipped cream. I had 1 small taste of the cake. I was pissed but I did lose 1-2 pounds because I ate perfect. Today is another day of not eating home, taking MIL out :(. Dinner was catered by son and his wife, wonderful smoked ribs and grilled salmon. The salmon was outstanding and I brought some home. I want to be able to wear a size 12. I have not had on a 12 in over 45 years and then it was most likely in grade school.
    Have a great Sunday everyone.
    Eye Candy aka BFF

  4. That is the only way. Get back to basics.
    It is hard to begin with but it soon becomes second nature.
    You will manage it for sure.
    Mind over matter. You have won once already, you can win again.

  5. Nell says:

    I appreciate your candor. I had lap band surgery in Dec. I am having difficult time with portion. And today I will start to walk. My Dr has ordered a flurxray. Scared. My port is lost. ..My weight loss is not as good as hoped. My fault. Today I begin the road to better. I stumbled on your blog. Happy to have found you. Thanks for encouraging words!

    • I am so proud of YOU. …….YOU can do it. The band will work IF you help it. IT worked for me until I stopped helping. DO not worry about the xrays, nothing to it. NO scared allowed missy. WE will do this 2gether if you want to.

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