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Eating is so bad..

food is good and we need to eat to live…why does our world make people feel guilty about eating….my mom use to say hurtful things to me..and the world, well watch any tv show or read a magazine and you will see what i mean..

food is food…it just is there…we choose to eat it or we dont..i do not think for one moment that eating is bad..i know to eat to lose weight and i know to eat you can gain weight..it is by WHAT you eat and the amount..some agree w/me and some dont..BUT i did not get to over 300 pounds by eating lettuce with no dressing only..

even now…when i eat say, a cookie or a piece of candy, my (diet thinking mind) and my low insecurity automatically SAYS you are a failure and a waste and you couldnt even have WLS and make it right..

what a horrible way to live….and i lived that way all my life..and still do at times..esp when i dont believe in myself..like right now

i am slowly but surely beginning to feel better about myself..little changes..little steps…small notions that i hope can and will eventually  lead myself back into the direction i wish to go..

eat when hungry…eat to nourish and yes, enjoy but dont hate yourself when you eat..




8 thoughts on “Eating is so bad..

    • thank you keen peach….society is harsh but i am one of those who is (harsh) on myself..i will never be skinny..and sometimes that right there just pisses me off..the right direction is to look forward…the wrong direction is to look backwards…

  1. The key to moving forward in any journey… is often baby steps. One small step at a time. Remember to do one thing. Once you’ve done that. Then another. Break it down. Do one more. I was moved into my own apartment (a place to accommodate severe disabilities) after being ‘found’ having been tortured in years of isolation I survived from domestic abuse. The number one key lesson I have learned? Celebrate small successes. EVERY small success. I mean that very seriously. “Today I made my own breakfast. Go me.” — “Today I remembered to take a shower without using a reminder alarm.” — “Today I remembered to eat.” — “Today I was able to take the trash to the dumpster and didn’t have a panic attack when someone else did it at the same time.” — those small successes are how we grow. And it is okay to take a moment to be sad over small ‘failures’ “Okay so I had a panic attack when the mailman knocked with a package. That’s done and over with. I forgive myself. I’m ready to move forward again.” — Remember. Celebrate small successes. Forgive yourself for mistakes. You owe yourself that.

  2. great blog. I have never ever had salad dressing. I eat my iceberg lettuce dry. It’s all the other shit that made me fat.
    I love crap, yes I said it, too. I am happy my band tells me to not eat bread, my very favorite food with oil or butter (heavy on both) etc.
    Thank you to my band for my help with control. Last week I got stuck 3-4 times for being bad and threw up slime each time.

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