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steak and salad

had steak and salad for dinner………..what did you have????


33 thoughts on “steak and salad

  1. I make a ‘healthy’ version of shepherd’s pie — lean turkey burger and tomato sauce with green beans at the ‘base’, topped with mashed potatoes (real potatoes). I’m allergic to cheese so no cheese! (Sadface), But I top it with chopped green onions and just a small amount of cracker crumbs (these two items put on last after baking).

      • I MISS cheese! I am the cheese lover of ultimatum! I CRIED (not really but just about) when I found out that is why I was blowing up like a balloon D: I really do try to substitute other nice things to make it ‘better’. I use a lot of salsa (which is healthy! I love salsa!) and occasionally low fat sour cream πŸ™‚ One of my favorite things is scrambled eggs… I use 1 or 2 whole eggs with 1 or 2 egg whites, chopped green onions, dry dill (seasoning) a dash of crushed red pepper and then scramble and cook that (a bit of pam sprayed in the skillet). After it is finished garnish on the plate with a little side of salsa πŸ˜€ — I struggled with weight issues the majority of my life and eating healthy was hugely important. So I learned a lot of ‘substitutes’ for beloved ‘unhealthy’ sides. ^.^ …. Stars for your path!

      • oh i love salsa 2….yum but i know if i eat too much of it, my tummy goes rumbling ..i love refried beans and salsa and eat that alot for a snack (cover your eyes here ) with some shredded cheese..filling and good…….i think i used it on eggs before also..

        i accept those ***** with happiness..thanks for commenting and giving me even more ideas to use.. and love your posts…

  2. I had Panda Express Green Bean Chicken and Chow Mein. Not exactly healthy, but not exactly crap either. I eat the chicken and green beans and end up not having enough room for more than a bite of chow mein…

    • what is green bean chicken? or was it green beans and chicken??? ..not really a fan of the chow mein..i love seasme chicken..i dont eat rice no more but i could eat a gallon of the chicken fried rice…or is that japanese?

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