steak and salad

had steak and salad for dinner………..what did you have????


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33 Responses to steak and salad

  1. firefly61 says:

    I had cashew chicken but not much of it and a container of peach yogurt.

  2. Chicken salad and oranges for dessert .

  3. I make a ‘healthy’ version of shepherd’s pie — lean turkey burger and tomato sauce with green beans at the ‘base’, topped with mashed potatoes (real potatoes). I’m allergic to cheese so no cheese! (Sadface), But I top it with chopped green onions and just a small amount of cracker crumbs (these two items put on last after baking).

    • remind me to come to your house for dinner ๐Ÿ™‚ NOW this sounds you miss not having cheese? i can see how the green onions offer a side balance and i would enjoy that myself..

      • I MISS cheese! I am the cheese lover of ultimatum! I CRIED (not really but just about) when I found out that is why I was blowing up like a balloon D: I really do try to substitute other nice things to make it ‘better’. I use a lot of salsa (which is healthy! I love salsa!) and occasionally low fat sour cream ๐Ÿ™‚ One of my favorite things is scrambled eggs… I use 1 or 2 whole eggs with 1 or 2 egg whites, chopped green onions, dry dill (seasoning) a dash of crushed red pepper and then scramble and cook that (a bit of pam sprayed in the skillet). After it is finished garnish on the plate with a little side of salsa ๐Ÿ˜€ — I struggled with weight issues the majority of my life and eating healthy was hugely important. So I learned a lot of ‘substitutes’ for beloved ‘unhealthy’ sides. ^.^ …. Stars for your path!

      • oh i love salsa 2….yum but i know if i eat too much of it, my tummy goes rumbling ..i love refried beans and salsa and eat that alot for a snack (cover your eyes here ) with some shredded cheese..filling and good…….i think i used it on eggs before also..

        i accept those ***** with happiness..thanks for commenting and giving me even more ideas to use.. and love your posts…

  4. sharonkariwo says:

    I had lettuce with feta cheese salad and sausage

  5. Kim Hawkins says:

    Steak for me too, sauteed leeks and mushrooms, and 2/3 cup steamed sweet potato (no toppings, just fresh and tasty)

    • hm..that sounds good..does leeks taste like cabbage? i dont think i even had any (to my knowledge) anyhow..the sweet potato makes me want some NOW…

      • Kim Hawkins says:

        I would describe leeks as tasting like mild onions and they look like giant spring onions. If you like onions, my guess is you would like leeks. I grew the sweet potatoes in my garden and try really hard not to add anything toppings to keep them as healthy as possible. The ones at Thanksgiving will taste positively decadent, so I’ll have to be careful!

      • hmmm…i always thought they’d be like celery..please tell that is true as i cannot do celery at all ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      • Kim Hawkins says:

        I wouldn’t say celery at all! Mild onion flavor ๐Ÿ™‚

      • really??? so i can wash it up/and cut up in wee bits and use in place of green onions?? hm…wonder how it would be in stuffing (or as we say dressing down here)???

      • Kim Hawkins says:

        I guess you could, but they’re so much bigger than green onions I’m not sure how they’d look but probably would taste fine. Oh, I can’t wait to have just a big of stuffing Thursday. My grandmother calls it dressing but it’s stuffing for the rest of us ๐Ÿ™‚

      • yes, we call it dressing also….and i love stuffing the best myself…and cranberry (home made) and mix it together us yum yum

  6. dcarmack says:

    Carbs. Too many carbs. Not a high point of my week.

  7. jncthedc says:

    Baked chicken breast with vegetables and a sweet potato. Post dinner snack was pistachio nuts.

  8. apoplexy says:

    I had Panda Express Green Bean Chicken and Chow Mein. Not exactly healthy, but not exactly crap either. I eat the chicken and green beans and end up not having enough room for more than a bite of chow mein…

    • what is green bean chicken? or was it green beans and chicken??? ..not really a fan of the chow mein..i love seasme chicken..i dont eat rice no more but i could eat a gallon of the chicken fried rice…or is that japanese?

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