Lost 2

i blog i had WLS and lost 2 followers. is this because i had WLS?

or because i am pitiful?


About Banded Carolina Girl

NC girl getting healthy. Come visit me and say hello.
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21 Responses to Lost 2

  1. divingmom says:

    BCG, you are beautiful. People come and go from your life. Don’t let them dictate your self-worth. They don’t even know you! Who knows, maybe your words have come to close to their own truth for them to face, maybe they have just lost interest. Short attention span syndrome. If you’re like me, you write because it helps you. Sometimes your words speak to others’ souls and resonates. That’s an added bonus. Keep doing it for YOU.

    • your words made me have tears…it meant to so much to me for a person to take time out of their life and day to write me…..i wish i didnt care …i wondered yesterday, was it something i said or did or didnt do or because sometimes i use the F word or because i have a lot tattoos or whatever…..

      keep doing it for me…OK..does it help you also??

  2. Be positive! Stay positive! Any journey is a hard one and sometimes it’s the hokey pokey… you know… two steps forward and one back. Sometimes it’s one forward and two back. The important part is that if you are pointed in the right direction? And you KEEP walking? You’ll GET there. It just takes some of us longer than others. YOU CAN DO THIS. All of your journeys. May the stars light your path in the darkness.

    • ….BE and STAY…trying…the hokey pokey made me laugh out loud and boy did i sure need that..i am facing the right direction but am mad….am scared….am upset with myself and highly concerned about everything it seems…i used to tell people there is not time limit on when you get to your whatever goal…seems i need to listen to what i tell other people…

      YOU are an angel sent to me to write this and i sure needed it…..and so appreciate it..♥♥

      • <3! Pay it forward! We all touch lives and we never know who or how or when. Trust me when I say… somewhere, someday… you have been or will be someone's angel. Stars for your path!

  3. MRSfromI says:

    It’s their lost. I think you are doing great and have provided a lot of information for those who have just started. I lost one after, I guess, she realized I was moving forward with WLS. Nothing I was shy about when I started my blog. Ha!

    • you are so kind to say such sweet things..i have had some comments about my WLS being easy way out but little do they know this was about the hardest thing i ever have done..i guess i spent my entire life worrying and caring about what everyone thinks of me..my mom i feel made me insecure as such and i am nearly 50 and cant get past that………..SO, how are YOU doing??

  4. Oh, who knows, Carolina Girl, why anyone does what they do? It is about them and what is going on inside of them!
    You certainly aren’t pitiful in any way. You are strong and courageous and facing your issues head on! This isn’t the best time of year to get oneself back on track re nutrition and weight loss. Ease up on yourself, and put your arms around your shoulders and squeeze! Big Hug! !

    • ….thank you les for writing words to me….talk about me having a pity party….and to think i invited the whole world or whomever reads my stuff…i feel pitiful and def a failure and i cant seem to get past that..i know at my dr appt in jan, i will not be happy on the scale as i know i am up and that is easy by the way my pants/clothes feel but i am going anyhow and get a fill..i need to let my WLS help me more than i have in the past…BUT 98% of the reason was me………me eating wrong foods aka fast/processed …i take the responsibility..

      i right now am just very mad at (me)..dammit

      big hugs GF

  5. firefly61 says:

    You are very strong awesome woman, your blog helps alot of women daily including me! Thank you!

    • thank you so much for taking time out to write me. it means so very much..i dont feel strong..i dont feel awesome. i feel like a short fat failure LOL………but to fail means not to try and i havent stopped doing that so maybe i am not a failure…..but still short and fat ……..♥♥

  6. My dear, people are finicky,so who knows? Please don’t be demotivated, you have no idea those that you might be encouraging by your posts. Other followers will come. It happens to us all. I no longer bother to pay mind to one or two losses bur keep my focus on connecting with more.

  7. James says:

    I wouldn’t take gaining or losing followers as a measure of your self-worth. People are fickle.

    • you are right my friend…when i get down and depressed, i really tend to toss myself a really big ole pity woe is me party…and think everyone (hates me)…i just hate thinking someone doesnt like me…i wish i did not care….but i do..shame on me

  8. aschetler says:

    There’s only one person you can control and that’s you. You can try to connect, influence, inspire others but at the end of the day it’s only you that you can control. People will come and go… Especially on social media. I wouldn’t waste one second of energy on the ones that left you, they’re obviously not important to your journey! Those of us hat remain ARE important to your journey and we want to inspire and support you. As with all relationships, put the energy into those that willingly accept you… All the other people? Screw ’em! Moving on!! 😊

  9. jnick67a says:

    Not sure how it happened but I am logged in this morning and your blog was missing from “blogs I follow”. Weird….

  10. apoplexy says:

    Sometimes we put way too much weight on the scale of internet life vs daily life. We create a presence here, and its hard to ignore the impact people have on your psyche when you start really delving into posting here. Hang in there girl, get back to life and keep posting about it, we love to read!

    • you are right…life shouldnt be about the scale or pants size etc..but i tend to do that..i wonder if i weighed 102 pounds, would my life be perfect as i envision it?…….i appreciate you and anyone who reads my stuff…sometimes its stupid….i deleted many i didnt post as i felt it was dumb LOL..thanks for commenting

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