am scared pt2

a friend texted me this picture after my i am scared blog post so i thought i would share

i am scared of being over 300 pounds again and not being able to walk and scared i hurt my insides some how…

i am scared i stopped believing in me again


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6 Responses to am scared pt2

  1. It is definitely scary. We should rest easy in the fact that we have control over ourselves, and that we don’t have to be perfect to keep ourselves from gaining all that weight back. All we have to do is our best each day and keep moving forward!

    • do the best we can……it is all we can do isnt it?
      facing it head on and saying bring it……i had that attitude once, i want it again
      but my regain has made me doubt myself..and i am mad, scared, embarrassed and frustrated..

      i need to get over this somehow….

      • You will figure it out. Start from the beginning or whenever things were working well for you. Sometimes revisiting those successful times helps a lot to get you in the right frame of mind.

      • you are right be…start from the beginning or start over or whatever…in my mind, starting over relates to me failing..but to fail means to me to stop trying..and i havent…at least not totally and of course it makes me mad and ashamed of myself and all that BS that follows insecurity..

        just keep looking forward….i am neck is hurting from constantly looking backward..

  2. apoplexy says:

    regains happen, its not the END though. It’s a blip on the radar of life and you are all over it anyway. Just keep on keeping on, got through the steps you need to go through to get back on the right track. We’re here for your, get on it!

    • i know its not the end…but it sure feels like it sometimes..does it make me a failure?? i had a person close to me refer to me as such..i appreciate you taking time out to write me and offer me support…it means alot to me..

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