Want or Won’t

this seems to be the question for me…anyone else out there in this big ole world besides me who is (struggling or having self doubts)??

sometimes i feel i am all alone in this great big ole world..maybe sometimes i want to be alone and maybe just maybe i feel more secure..
i think if someone gets hurt enough, you just tend to stay (away)

at least i do…

its not a matter of want as i want too
its now a matter of i wont…

damn me…

WTF is wrong w/me


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NC girl getting healthy. Come visit me and say hello.
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2 Responses to Want or Won’t

  1. Hello my friend. You keep surprising me with your words and yet not so much. Some friends of mine tell me that I want to fix everything with “Breathe” I am not one who over simplifies but I have learned that many a time and not for a lack of commitment I have had to stop and just “Breathe”. You see we are strong minded individuals who have made changes to our physiology, gastric system, and have adjusted our psychology in order to make sure that we remain focused and accomplish our goal. Let me ask you something… Of the friends that you have that are working on weight loss with out WLS who of them has reactions like you have or like you know that I have when things do not go our way. Girl. We are not “Abnormal” but shit we are not “Normal” either. I would never tell you to take your eyes off of the goal but I think you need to stop breath and re group. I think that you need to take a close and serious look at your self and find your true north. Our true north is that thing/person/situation/measurement/goal/F U Moment/ etc., I do not know what it is for you but you have to remember that life has dished out for you a lot of stuff as of late. There has been death, betrayal, BS, problems, health issues, SHIT GIRL. Take a little time to re group. Do not disconnect completely but give yourself a chance to win again. I am here if I can help. Then again you know that. Jose’

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