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Eating when hungry….

when i had WLS, i had to learn what eating was all over again..i had that long ass all liquid diet for 4 1/2 weeks..i found out what being hungry is and if i was merely bored..

i also found out something that was true and it works…when i eat a lot of protein (and leave out bread/rice/potatoes/pasta), i will lose weight..not water aka quick weight loss but actual weight..

so today…monday
i had a boiled egg for breakfast. i ate it when i got hungry…

lunch….people have set lunch times…i ate when i got hungry..
so i have applesauce, some green beans (yes my fave) and chicken salad..
i went back to the basics that i know worked for me.

but what works is me
me thinking
me doing
me knowing i can do this

that maybe the hardest part….(me thinking i can)…


17 thoughts on “Eating when hungry….

  1. Eating mindfully is the trick. You’ll find that if you eat something like applesauce that is sweet you will be “hungry” much sooner than if you’d had something savory instead. Sweets and starches lead to quick “hunger” and a constant internal struggle with insulin hunger. If you don’t make your body produce insulin, by staying away from sugar and starch you will find your life to be remarkably hunger free.

  2. The journey you’re on is a difficult one. One of the things that will help you is determining your PASSIONS in life. Often passions help us find purpose in life. Purpose helps refocus our minds away from problem areas (like food) and onto areas of greater importance. Keeping the mind and body busy reduces appetite and cravings.
    As a retired doctor, my passion continues to be health and happiness and helping others find the tools needed to achieve whatever their purposes in life are. I have helped many people overcome weight management difficulties. Don’t hesitate to call on me (even if it’s just for another opinion.)

  3. You can do it. Believe in yourself. Do not starve yourself. I do not know much about WLS as I lost mine with meal replacement shakes, healthy eating and exercise. By no means was one road easier than the other. I truly believe that. Keep fighting – if in your plan eat every 3 hours and if you want to find an affordable meal replacement that curbs your appetite – I recommend Ideal Shape! Visit me anytime. Again I repeat – you can do this!

    • thank you for writing me. this means a lot to hear from you..i feel no matter how one loses weight, the battle is the same..and we all had to learn that starving doesnt work LOL….thank you for believing in me…esp when i am doubting myself at this time..

      • We all go through those doubting moments – I usually tell myself to “get out of my own head” in those times. We are out own worst enemies and critics. You can do this. Believe in YOU

  4. your so worth it…I read all your other post….bad year for the both of you….I had a couple bad years a few years back and food was my medication and best friend…boy was I ever wrong….so glad I finally worked out the demons and am on the road to health….you can do it, its hard, doing what’s good for you is always hard….but the reward of feeling good is such a wonderful feeling….kat

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