Tuna and green beans..

Tuna and green beans and some FF chocolate pudding..
that was my lunch today..are you jealous??

a friend of mine asked me to go out to lunch with her. and in the past
i have and always ended up eating high fat/high calorie foods etc…but today
i wanted to be the one in (control)..if only for one meal..

every day my hub makes me my lunch
yes he does..i am very lucky and very spoiled but maybe its a reason
i have been with him for 31 yrs and i guess counting (our annv next week)

so today, i am eating my tuna mixed with mayo
some green beans cut up (and steamed lightly) my fave
and my pudding

and by me doing this one thing, i feel very much in control
maybe this one thing will make me (care) again..

CARE enough to do what i know is best and right for me..
eat to live and not living just to eat because i am bored etc..or
because other people are eating (not so great choices)…

it IS okay to say no
it IT okay to eat something if someone brings in something and shares
but what ISNT okay is to get off path..off target..and that is what i have
done for a very long time..and it is up to me to either do it or not..

so one small step
one small (thing) whatever it is

i may not do great tonight or tomorrow but i did do GREAT on my lunch..and you know what, i am kinda proud of myself.

who knows..maybe it will start a spark again..

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18 Responses to Tuna and green beans..

    • wish i could believe that…didnt eat the best dinner but was great at lunch….

      • Take one day at a time, one meal at a time. I only eat three meals a day with no snacks and half portions. That was the answer to my prayer when I cried out to God for help. Now it’s 87 pounds gone.

      • i use to be so…determined..so strong…this last yr for me has been rough..i cant get back on track..i am ashamed/embarrassed

      • Don’t be ashamed. Just start over again. At least you haven’t failed for 41 years like me.
        See there’s hope, if I the champion failure can, then you can. Never give up.

      • Although a righteous person may fall seven times, he gets up again.
        Proverbs 24:16
        I have fallen 7 trillion million times and God gave me another chance. He has delivered me after 41 years of failure and defeat. He will deliver you too. Believe.

      • deb….i have been (bad)…how can (he) forgive me and how can i (let) him back into my heart??..i dont feel i am worthy..and many more people have more needs who rely on him…me….weight…seems pathetic

      • Been thinking of you all day. Been praying some for you too. Been reading more of your blog- love it!
        Great writing. Looked at your before picture. Wow! Congratulations on your accomplishments. Love your hair, I also have a gray streak in front.

        I wanted the surgery but I was too chicken. I had a friend that had a gastric bypass. I watched what she ate- anything she wanted.

        I was a volunteer cook for a recovery group at our church. I listened to ex drug addicts/ alcoholics tell how God delivered them. Why not me?
        I asked an ex addict to be my sponsor. First food binge afterwards, she told me I can’t help you. I know how to help drug addicts but not your food addiction. I cried for three days.
        Went through three more sponsors at the recovery group. Drug addicts & alcoholics were being healed but not me. I was still putting my face in the food eating my emotions using food as my drug of choice.
        Like you said- all these people with serious needs and yet I couldn’t resist cookies. Ate them til I was sick.
        Been a Christian, read my Bible, say my prayers most of my life.
        But yet with food I was a complete failure. It almost cost my marriage. I left my husband once over a candy bar. He wanted me to lose weight, so he took it from me. I kicked him. You get the story. Can you imagine, a divorce over a candy bar?
        Yes for 41 years I tried all the latest diets only to fail and fail again gaining more weight with each one. Do you think diets are fattening?

        Yes , the One who lives us most will forgive you. He loves you with all His heart. You don’t have to be worthy, no one is worthy. He knows that.
        He is concerned with our concerns.He is concerned with what concerns you.
        Yes there are people with great needs. But the shame, failure complex, and bondage of our food addiction keeps us from living in the victory of an abundant life. Jesus said “I have come to give you abundant life.” I think that’s John 10:10.
        His intent is for us to live in victory and to be overcomers.

        It is not pathetic to ask for His help, strength, and wisdom.
        It is not pathetic to ask for His delivering and healing power over what caused us heartache and defeat. He is concerned with every detail of our lives, no matter how small it seems to us.
        Aren’t you concerned over the happiness of your children/ grand babies? God is concerned over your happiness too!
        No it is not pathetic to ask for His help. He is thrilled when we seek His guidance even if it is over what we should eat, how, when, etc. He wants to be our source of comfort versus going to food for comfort. He wants us to focus on the pleasure of His Presence versus the short term pleasure of food pleasures.

      • i am honored you took time out to write me a wonderful (picture) of your life. i am beyond honored to have you, such a fantastic woman, take time out to support me..and write me..i am blessed…possibly in more ways than one..

        the surgery happened because i could not walk..i NEVER want to be that way every again..i can relate to the candy bar story and it made me smile as i know what you are talking about..i think overweight people, can relate.

        i love your entire note but the sentence i feel you wrote for me was this and its true


        love you my friend β™₯

      • Awww, if only you knew just how precious you are. Love you back, my new friend .

      • My long note from cyber space gave through. Yea!

        He loves you. Yes, you with all His heart .

  1. Lizi's Life says:

    Go girl…..You are in control…your post prices this! You will do great πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸ»

  2. Sounds like a great lunch and awesome you have a loving husband!

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