Top 7 Reasons why we are overweight

nadinsamozin wrote this wonderful blog post..take a moment and read it and see if any applies to you…just about all did to me..esp #1

If you’re reading this article, chances are that you or someone in your immediate family is overweight.

But why are we overweight?

From all the people we’ve met, people have given me a range of reasons why they are overweight, but some “most popular” reasons emerge…

Here are the “Top 7 Reasons” that people give, plus our insights on why these reasons are so true. But read the entire article to learn that each of these excuses can be beat!

#7 – It Runs In My Family

People often tell me they can’t help being overweight, since most of their family is overweight as well.

Unfortunately, we are social animals. Being overweight is rarely a solo adventure, and it is so easy to eat, snack and be lazy with the ones we love.

It is possible to be the “skinny one” in the family, but it takes both focus and support from some of your thinner friends.

#6 – Baby Fat Won’t Come Off

Almost every Mom points to this as one of the reasons for being overweight. We gain weight when pregnant and then it just won’t come off afterwards.

Baby fat is so easy to come by and then so hard to lose. No matter what we do, that baby fat just seems to hang in there.

Can you lose it? With long-term persistence or a little medical “help” even those lasts few pounds can melt away.

#5 – My Metabolism Is Too Slow

Many of us without overweight families or baby fat of our own, point to our “metabolism” not working right.

Our “metabolism” is a technical-sounding term that nobody can argue with.

But aside from a very small minority, our “metabolism” is rarely a reason for being overweight. Generally, we are just eating more than our body needs. Oops.

#4 – It’s My Medication

Many times the medications we take for high blood pressure or other common ailments come with the side-effect of some weight gain.

Unfortunately, many of us use that side-effect as an excuse to justify why we are carrying around the extra pounds.

About a year ago, we wrote an article about how drugs that cause weight gain and alternative medications that can give the same result, but without the weight gain. Contact me if you want a copy.

#3 – I Like Eating Too Much

Ok, so now we’re getting down to the real truth. Ouch.

Eating too much or too much of the wrong foods always brings about weight gain.

Once we honestly recognize that we might be killing ourselves with our eating habits, then we’re ready to take the weight off for life with some simple changes. Until then, we’re doomed.

#2 – Too Much Stress

Many of us do not relate stress to excess weight, but this is the #2 reason why most people are overweight.

Excess stress is actually worse than eating chocolate when it comes to weight gain. It has to do with hormones and body chemistry. Excess stress upsets the hormone balance and more, making it public enemy #2 for any weight loss program.

#1 – I Am Lazy (But Don’t Tell)

OK, now we’re making progress… This is the #1 reason for excess weight, and the one that we hate to admit most of all.

It’s us – we’re just too lazy to get around to keeping the weight off.

Our mindset, our habits and our motivation (or lack thereof) are all part this – and in the end it comes down to being too lazy to change.

The conclusion?

Reasons for being overweight are all around us. But if we’re honest enough, then we should call our personal; “reasons” what they really are: Excuses.

Sorry for the bad news, but please do yourself a favor and look at your situation… Can you continue carrying the extra weight? Will you keep gaining? How does that affect your health? Or your quality of life?

Hopefully this article has spurred you to action. Now, to make that action stick, tell someone about your (today) and ask them to help hold you accountable.

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