It is okay to eat…

i think most of us grew up (dieting) not eat this and not eat that and starve ourselves to lose weight..i know i did..i cant speak for you…and as we all know that does not work..most of the fast weight loss at the beginning is water weight..on my pre op diet, i lost 18 or 19 pounds…mainly water as i was not eating..i also found out that liquids in meant liquids out LOL..i need to remember to buy stock in immodium a.d.

so is it wrong to eat..i dont think so..

food is not the enemy..its not holding us hostage and forcing us to eat or drink it…we make that decision..the best thing we can is to make the best choices we can..and not dwell on it..

as retired professional dieter, i would eat and hate myself for doing it and say fuck it and eat again or more..what a terrible pattern…

so eat

eat to live

not live to eat

now if i can only learn to believe that it actually is (okay) to eat..


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15 Responses to It is okay to eat…

  1. Totally agree, its hard to get out of that mind set and to eat to live!!

  2. It is okay to eat. I do, but only at mealtimes.

  3. New Journey says:

    its okayto eat, eat to feed your family not your emotions….

  4. Good points! We do need to eat for a purpose and the first purpose is to sustain us and keep our bodies satisfied.

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