I will never look at pizza the same….

The low-down: Little Ceasars pepperoni pizza is the best fast food option, at 250 calories a slice, while Pizza Hut is the worst, at 370 calories a slice. Domino's and Papa Johns are in the middle at 296 and 330 calories

The low-down: Little Ceasars pepperoni pizza is the best fast food option, at 250 calories a slice, while Pizza Hut is the worst, at 370 calories a slice. Domino’s and Papa Johns are in the middle at 296 and 330 calories.

What happens: In the first 15 minutes after one eats a slice of pizza, sugar enters the bloodstream and one feels energized. After 20 minutes, the hormone leptin tells the body to stop eating

Next: The body feels satisfied after it stops releasing the hunger hormone ghrelin. Then, levels of fat in the blood rise and one's blood pressure also rises temporaily

After 30 minutes, the body will feel fueled up and satisfied – unless one has overeaten, which causes sluggishness.

The body then digests the fat and protein from the pepperoni and cheese and injects it into the bloodstream. If the muscles already have enough fuel, the fat will be re-routed to one’s liver, where it will be stored for later use.

This process causes the levels of triglycerides (fat in the blood) to rise, which could result in clogged arteries for people who have unhealthy diets or a family history of circulatory disease.

However, if one is relatively healthy, the triglycerides will taper off after about six hours.

About an hour after eating, one’s blood pressure temporarily rises due to lack of space in the blood vessels from the fatty meal, which could cause blot clots for someone with a family history of heart disease.

On the plus side, the body feels full and energized due to the fact that the fat and protein from the pizza have ebbed the production of serotonin, a hormone that causes tiredness.

After: Four hours later, the body's blood sugar is back to normal and one starts to feel hungry again. In the long-term, eating a slice of pizza won't affect a person, but it could cause problems if they are unhealthy

Around three to four hours after eating, the body’s blood sugar returns to its normal levels and the food has left the stomach.

The hunger hormone ghrelin is released, but it’s best to satisfy your cravings with a low-fat snack at this time, since triglyceride levels are still soaring.

If one is typically healthy, eating a slice of pepperoni pizza will not affect one’s long-term health, and the body’s weight will only increase by the weight of the actual slice.

But if one has high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, is overweight, or smokes, eating a slice of pizza can exacerbate the body’s current state and cause health problems.

Cosmopolitan.com also rated the top fast food pizza options, with Little Ceasars having the lowest calorie slices at 250 calories, and Pizza Hut having the highest at 370 calories per slice. In the middle were Domino’s, at 296 calories per slice, followed by Papa John’s, at 330 calories per slice.

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10 Responses to I will never look at pizza the same….

  1. mentalbreakinprogress says:

    Wow! Thanks for sharing this! lol I’m afraid I have repeated the 15-20 mins part too many time! I have sent at lot of fuel to my liver 😦 Great read! Really makes you think before you eat!

    • me too..i was stunned..i had no idea that little ceasars pizza is lower in calories…incredible..and i like that no food is off limits..we dont diet..eat one or two and move on..life is meant to eat..its all about decisions….some days i do ok and some days i do great and some days i suck ass……but pizza…def will make me think after reading this…thanks for writing..

  2. Interesting! Goes with the saying all things in moderation. I had pizza tonight but only have it once every 2-6 months now. I like Little Caesar’s lower calorie per slice thing, but sometimes it’s worth it to go with a different one as well.

  3. New Journey says:

    good post…very informational….

  4. Mac says:

    Have you read “The End of Over Eating” by David Kesslar? He talks about a lot of the same stuff. Every time I get back into a funk of eating mostly processed pleasure foods, I reread it or at least reread a summary of it. It helps me think about moderation, mostly by limiting the foods that tend to trigger binges.

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