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If you weigh yourself today….please read this


21 thoughts on “If you weigh yourself today….please read this

  1. I was weighed today as my surgeon wished to know my gravitational pull upon this Earth. I am trying every day to remember the other bit about loving ourselves as a kind person that I hope I am. 🙂

      • Since I started the blog most people have not been able to see press this or the reblog button when they click on a post. I have been working with wp for months. They can see it but I can’t and most of my followers can’t either. I was encouraged to change themes. I looked at ones from followers that I liked and could see on all of my browsers both on my computer and my phone. When I made changes, I couldn’t see them. I sent countless screenshots. Now there is a new issue. I always would verify that may publicize was working and would daily verify google plus, facebook, linkedin and twitter to ensure they post and they had. Being sick the past couple of weeks I had not checked it. I have gotten a few awards and like others I put them in my sidebar. I noticed Tuesday that on google one of my sidebar pics was on most of my posts, whether they had a pic or not and some of the reblogs. Then I checked facebook and they would post with a blank space where a pic should be. I looked back at google and saw that it started on the 13th and I saw that was when I got one specific award. I deleted it from files and the sidebar but it’s on my computers desktop. I wrote a post and another award pic showed up. It was late and I woke up to start again. I took all of the pics out of the sidebar, logged out and cleared history. I one by one put the ones I did not see an issue with and did a test. The first 5 worked with no issue. Then the last three did. It happens with whichever one is highest in the sidebar. As I verified this by changing the order. I have written for days with no answer. Support and forums do not have someone having this issue ever. I saw that the pics were my three largest and saw that the sidebar had a width limit meaning nothing wider would display but they did. The first 5 were close. They others were larger by an ok amount. So I got lucky and briefly was able to get a tech chat and can’t anymore. So I was told I had to set a featured pic I said I never had to before and many of my posts that had this happen did not even have a pic. It always worked fine even with this theme. So my general options is change themes if I find one I like that allows all the features that I like and allows a larger sidebar pic. Which means I will be looking for a long time. Or I have to delete these three pics or just ignore it. I am also having occasional issues where I reblog and I see the word image or a broken image. Sometimes when clicked it is just the image, sometimes the original post and sometimes a 404 no image error yet I click the original and it is there. When I ran tests without those three the wordpress reblog of others stuff image errors stopped. So I am at a loss and have spent a lot of time going through this. I was hoping a tech could tell me of a theme that would fill me sidebar needs and looks similar because going through trial and error again for hours would suck.

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