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12 thoughts on “my reality

      • then don’t look in the mirror…and know your a good wonderful human being, loving and caring grandmother and mom, and love all those around you….in my book that’s a good person…!!!! not how you look, it about how you feel about you the rest will come…..slow and steady one day at a time….I hate mirrors…I see my older sister who passed away 9 years ago when I look in the mirror…so I avoid mirrors….

      • i try NOT too look in mirror…..i try to be kind/nice and loving…i would NOT allow anyone to speak to anyone the way i speak to myself…

        slow and steady……. thank you for the support as it is loved/needed/wanted

      • so you should be only saying positive things…took me a while to get used to saying – i deserve – I am worthy – I am pretty – I can, I can, I can just keep at it and every time you catch yourself being naughty…then be nice in that same instance….even if it sounds ludicrous…it will get easier….kat

      • positive..if i say something (nice) about me i feel i am bragging or boasting…i can say i have nice long nails…a great tan..a great hub and dog……but i cannot say i am pretty or worthy..i just cant do it..mainly bc its not true 😦

      • oaky I call Bull Shit on that…would your husband be with a looser…nope, would a nobody produce beautiful grandchildren, nope…you are worth and just get over it….accept it move on….even if you say it under your breath start to say it…and why wouldn’t you be worthy and beautiful…look around you, take note of where you are in life….trust me you didn’t get there by accident…you are who you are and you are beautiful inside and out,…..so there I will say it for you everyday…even if you can’t hear it I am saying it and loudly….so eventually it will get to you….and how wonderful you have beautiful nails, I am jealous of the tan…and a great hub and dog…so that means your pretty special too!!! just start believing!!! I am going to say how beautiful you are as soon as I hit send…. ;(.

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