woman of the year?

I respect Caitlyn and admire her courage to speak up about who she is, but let’s face it…. there are many, many women in the world who deserved this award more. The only reason the award was handed to Jenner is the fact she is a celebrity. I truly believe this. I am sure she is a nice lady and has a good heart. However, if she was just another transgender woman walking the street, she wouldn’t have even been considered.

How sad that is


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6 Responses to woman of the year?

  1. James says:

    I suspect Jenner was given this award for the same reasons Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize early in his Presidency; for reasons of promoting a social agenda as opposed to actual merit.

  2. I can only go by what my transgender friends have said, and they think rather than promote it in a good light, she has forced it back, it didn’t show the true struggle that the transgender community go through.

    I myself thought it was a brave move but you are right there are other women out there more deserving

  3. Heartafire says:

    I agree completely with you, I also think that is a shattered family and she should have made her transition more low-key for the sake of her children…but then there’s the money.

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