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Salad and Eye Candy

not feeling all that great today (tummy/headachy) just a blah feeling
and hoping i dont throw back up the salad i just ate for my lunch 😦

tomorrow one of my BFF eye candy is having surgery and wish i could be there for her…i will be thinking of her tomorrow..its a surgery on her shoulder but i am def hoping she can recover quickly. she is my friend and i love her and mitch very much


7 thoughts on “Salad and Eye Candy

  1. you are so sweet. i am typing with one hand. had the surgery at 7;30 and was home by noon.
    still very numb, they did a block then let the oyxie begin!!!

  2. thanks everyone. just woke up again. need dinner and hub sucks at cooking. oy vey!!! my son was getting rid of his electric recliner, in my house now. I have to sleep on it for maybe 1 week.
    Have great night everyone.

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