I can only work on today


so last night, we went and rode out to bike night..first time in like 12 days w/o rain and it was pretty nice/warm out…so on the bike i got and off we went..saw my friends C and P and H and her friend J and M and her hub J..and some other people i know from going to these type places….and then after a couple glasses of wine and mingling, off we went again to a place called kick back jacks where my hub loves to have $5 burger on tuesday..and its a very nice burger…i get mine w/o bread and no fries (got beans) and it was delicious…

i felt ok going but i was heavy hearted with doubting myself as normal..but i realized that i was with people that care about me and for me and that i am loved no matter what i look like or what size i am..of course i have my friends eye candy and debbie 3 sons and jose and many other people that i have friended on this blog and bariatric pal forum BUT that for the first time since 05 when hub retired from the AF, that i have friends again…

we moved here from WV and i had a handful of GF’s and i feared id never have friends like that again but i was wrong and i am soooooooo glad that i was.

its nice to be cared for and about…

even though i am sad a lot of the time due to my own insecurity and hate feelings i have towards myself….i am blessed to have these people in my life.



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16 Responses to I can only work on today

  1. Eye Candy says:

    thank you. You made Eye Candy tear up. I love having you as a friend too.
    You did great with dinner. You need to cut the wine or at least have 1 glass. Yes I am the old mother hen in your life.

  2. StephJ says:

    I have been loving your blog! Check out my Fall Contest…


    I would love to have a chance to interview you 🙂 Cheers!

  3. New Journey says:

    So glad the rain has let up.. and a bike ride…how nice….its hard to leave friends behind, but look at the new friends your making…and stop hating yourself…your a good person….hopefully you will have some sun soon…

    • the sun has been out a couple days..about 75 and its gorgeous..i can only see it from the inside of an office however LOL

      how you are today?

      i wish i could stop hating me 😦

      • New Journey says:

        Just stop…your wonderful…..start saying nice thinkgs to yourself…it will be hard at first and you will feel like a fool inside, but give it a try….think of all the good things you do, hell just getting up out of bed is a good thing…brushing your teeth, showering…all nice things you do for yourself…you work to make your life better…that’s good, people love you, your grandkids think your #1 for sure…they wouldn’t like you if your were a nasty old woman!!! your not…your a warm hearted loving caring woman…anyone can tell that just from your blog….I don’t hate you so guess you can’t hate yourself…honey you need to ove who your are in the here and now, no matter what you look like, first you have to love yourself just as you are, then it all becomes easy to change..if anyone knows how hard that is I do…..repeat after me, I am a nice person, I deserve to be happy, I am worthy……try it….end with I love myself today….right this minute….XXXXkat

  4. This as with many things in life is a learning and growing process. Much harder than learning to walk and as “we” see it is at times harder than accepting others. We must build within us the foundation for self love and it is a process more than a discovery. The building blocks are the daily triumphs for example every time we say NO to ourselves. Every time we say yes to the healthy and every time we accomplish a decrease in weight. So once we figure out the building blocks and there are many we find the glue or concrete and that has to be the mixture of acceptance and self love. We become better at loving others as we learn to love ourselves. Not easy but very doable. Keep up the good work. You deserve it. Hey I have actually been riding for the last week most every day. The weather here has been great. Anyway I hope you can see by the response to your post that you are loved and appreciated for being you. Never forget that. Have a great one.
    Jose G. Osuna

  5. Jules says:

    Glad I can follow you on this blog. Miss you at bariatric pal.
    Keep trying. Everyday can be hardcore

    • i miss you too my friend…how you doing? ..i always try and not ever give up….some days i want to but i just keep pluggin on…at least i am better then i was when i first started in 2012….and that is something (good)….keep in touch…much love…

  6. Jules norton says:

    Glad I can follow you on this blog. Miss you at bariatric pal.
    Keep trying. Everyday can be hard. Even after years!!

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