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Happy Wednesday

well, been a good day i think

a bit slow at work but fine…

controlled my food intake today and ate w/o overeating

and let my WLS of choice say when..

how was your day?

PS that pic was me last night


6 thoughts on “Happy Wednesday

  1. And what a lovely pic of you. I’ve had a good eating day, but not as much exercise as I would like ..can’t always get it right

    • thank you. i have a fat face LOL…was nice to get out after being out/down with my back for about 10 days…….and then 12 days of gloomy rain……..how are you today? did you walk at all today? i need to.

      • I am great today thanks, I got out and walked today in the sunshine. I had been given a redundant fitbit by a friend and did over 15,000 steps today, as we would say here in UK, I was well chuffed with that.
        PS I did not notice a fat face ..lol

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