Monday…Back update

def still rainy/misty here in NC

my back is still hurting (still using tylenol and ice)
but it is better and i am so very thankful for that…but i am
def ready to start walking again…i will go slow until i am able
to do more….

i am still mad i just said fuck it but as long as i am getting right back on the saddle, it doesnt matter..some people never get another chance to make things better…i have been gave that chance..i need to use it as advised for best results

so lets do this
yes i hurt today with my back
but i am thankful all the same..

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NC girl getting healthy. Come visit me and say hello.
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12 Responses to Monday…Back update

  1. Every day we are given is a brand new chance for a fresh start. Love the attitude., welcome back my friend. Remember it is not easy just worth it. It seem we were in the same wave length today. My post for today Monday is along the same line as yours. I hope things continue to improve for you and also in general for the area. My family and I moved back to Arizona about two years ago from Charleston, SC. They too are getting hammered with the rain. Anyway keep the positive attitude and continue to Kick Butt.

    • hey my friend…today is a new day…how are you??

      i didnt know you were from SC also like me? i grew up there until i married and moved away at 18…i miss it.. but def love Raleigh

      yes, today am feeling okay..back still sore but hope it can/will get better. i plan on walking more and often and daily and get right back on track…this was a wake up call for me..

      it is not easy
      but its not overly hard either..its me that is lazy

      thank you for believing in me…it means the world

  2. So glad you are feeling better

  3. Osyth says:

    Well done and keep up that persevering attitude – a bit of f***k it aimed right never did any harm, in fact it invariably improves the f***king situation!

  4. Julie says:

    well its rainy/misty here in north uk today too but we will shine on

  5. I’m cheering your back on to get better. The past 2 weeks of physical therapy has taken the edge off my back pain but I still have a ways to go also. Feel better and keep on keeping on. That’s really all we can do, right?
    –Joan 🙂

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