I wish I was a princess…

what a pretty woman…then….now..and forever

what do you remember about her?

i recall blue eyes…blonde hair…the pretty jewelry and i recall how sad she always seemed to be so sad..true she suffered from an eating disorder and i have also but its nice to know that a woman like that had something in common with an old fat southern woman like me..i to feel so very alone…very often and it embarrasses me to admit that…i feel like like a failure and that i let everyone down…i wish i was a stronger woman..

anyhow….i am me…


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6 Responses to I wish I was a princess…

  1. James says:

    As I recall, Diana wasn’t perfect. She married Charles and was pretty unhappy in the marriage. She was having an affair with another man when she tragically died in a car accident, all too soon before her time.

    It’s easy to look at people who are beautiful, rich, famous, and who have everything we think we want or need, and wish we were them, but that means we have to hate who we are.

    It is said that everything we have, including our lives, comes from the hand of God, all of us, great and small alike. If that’s so, then to deny who we are and wish we were someone else, is to reject what God has given us.

    You are a stronger person than you realize. That you feel unsure, weak, sad, and scared doesn’t mean you aren’t strong. It just means you’re human. Courage isn’t a lack of fear…it’s doing what’s necessary even when you’re scared to death.

  2. Osyth says:

    She was indeed an extremely fragile woman and the victim of an antiquated Royal system that required a young ‘intact’ and socially acceptable bride for the heir to the throne. She was 19 when she married a man she loved but he loved another and was just doing his feudal duty. Eventually she grew up and divorced. Her tragic death brought the Royal Family somewhat to its senses. It’s worth watching ‘The Queen’ starring Helen Mirren for a surprisingly accurate take on the events immediately after Diana’s death. That she left two young sons motherless made it even more tragic. Now to you – you are not alone. I have never met you but I ‘know’ you through your writing and you inspire me. I reach out and send you a virtual hug, my love across the ocean and the strongest of messages that you are an amazing woman – flawed? Probably … we mostly are. Take care lovely lady xx

  3. You are stronger and more amazing than you imagine yourself to be. Don’t compare yourself to anyone, especially not the memory of someone gone. No one can win that game. You’re fine the way you are and don’t let anyone, even yourself, tell you otherwise.

    • i dont feel strong…i had a wls and did GREAT and then stopped….and stopped doing what i need to…to lose weight/get healthy…not to be thin but able to merely walk…and i just stopped….why?????

      i know what i need to do……..so why aint i??

  4. Julie says:

    It shows that it doesn’t matter how much money or fame you have it can’t bring happiness, hold on to your family, smile at yourself and others, laugh when you can. There are days when we or beautiful princesses are not strong. You are doing great.

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