they are fat..

while reading the diff stories on this horrible oregon shooting, i browse to read the comments and on many stories, i see time and time again about people commenting on the people in the pictures being fat or obese or slob looking..

after a horrible day and lives ruined forever…some people only focused on overweight people coming out of the school (who thankfully) were not shot and killed…

what a horrible and nasty world we live in if that is all some people can say….


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3 Responses to they are fat..

  1. Osyth says:

    What on earth is wrong with people …. fat for starters should not be used as some sort of euphamism for bad any more than black, or disabled or gay. And to be concentrating on the physical appearance of people when the only thing that is relevant is the fact that lives were lost. Horribly. And all thoughts should be for those left behind in a chasm of grief. I despair in so many ways 😦

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