All is not lost

Don’t let one meal of gluttony, one weekend of debauchery, a vacation of unwholesome habits, consume your thoughts and defeat you. Reinstate your healthy lifestyle ASAP. All is not lost.

-Elizabeth Evans Fryer


About Banded Carolina Girl

NC girl getting healthy. Come visit me and say hello.
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5 Responses to All is not lost

  1. Hello Friend. I can see that you just like me are going through some things.
    I am dealing with the big C and at the same time dealing with so much pain all over my body.
    You see that I have been dealing with for a while but I just got hit by the world in the pocket and the family and the combination of things has just taken all the wind out of my sails.

    I have to tell you that while some things and events seem so messed up I continue to feel positive and optimistic for NO Reason What So Ever. I just have big dreams and hopes I guess.

    I am not going to be a lot of help to you this time my friend but I want for you to know that you your husband and your loved ones are now in our prayers. I wish you could hear my youngest (11) praying for Dad’s “friend in North Carolina and her Husband and her puppies and all of their friends”

    Please know we are sending you guys positive thoughts and even as I do not know if you guys are believers we are and we are praying for you guys.

    Be good, do good and above all be happy.

    Your friend Jose.

    • Oh my word jose….your words brought nothing but tears to my face….i had no idea you were struggling at this time and also in pain… heart to you and your family..

      sometimes life hits people hard in different ways….some harder than others but the pain and the drama of dealing with it is handled the same…

      is there anything i can do??..

      it is hard for me to be miserable after reading your words..i cant tell you how long it has been since i was optomistic ansd positive and then i see what you are going through and am ashamed….BUT i know that you understand what i am trying to say..

      YOU hang in there and know always you got a friend in me and with me..

      it is my honor to call you my friend

  2. Osyth says:

    Can I just say that I may not actually know you but I do actually love you! You post really inspirational things that just nail it. It’s so easy to have a moment of madness, call it badness and despair …. the trick when you fall off the wagon is to climb straight back on, not look back and set off on the road again. But it takes simple, heartfelt and powerful reminders like this to rejig bird brains like mine which are currently in full beat up with birch twigs and wear hair shirt mode that this is the better way. Thank you. Heartfelt thank you 🙂

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